Thursday, January 23, 2014

Portion size

We all know portion size is important.  If you eat too much than you totally negate your work out.  The article below gives you an easy to remember guide using your hand.  Check it out

Have a very fit day!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Working out with a newborn

Working out post baby is not so easy.  First you are not supposed to work out until the 6 week mark.  I don't listen and walked and ran a few times a week. I hit  the 6 week post partum mark on Sunday, but had my check up on that Friday. I decided to work out my pre pregnancy work out before Friday before my appointment.  That was my start of working out with a new born.  So far I'm on day 6, yay!  
While my husband goes to the gym, I work out at home.  So I have no daycare.  I have to either work out while he sleeps or while he watches and sometimes screams at me.  Usually it's half half and half.  I start my 30 min T25 work out while he's sleeping. He usually wakes up in the middle.  If I'm lucky he lays there and coos at me if I'm unlucky he screams part or all of the work out. I prefer the sleeping or cooing.

Regardless, I do not give up. I get in my work out as I want to fit in my pants again and not look 4 months preggo.  I am sure my husband would tell you I am exaggerating and look fine. Somedays I think I look amazing. And I feel like I should since I worked out every day of my pregnancy but I stil gained more weight than I should have. I have about 25-30 lbs to go to fit back in most of pants.  That makes me on a mission since I start back work in 4 weeks. 

If you cannot get a baby sitter then try to do a home work out with a video/bike/treadmill or go for walks/runs with the little one. Do anything to get your body moving. Schedule it in your day or at least promise yourself you will do something each day. Get up work out shower, I promise you will feel better about yourself! I know I do!