Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Years Resolution Challenge

Ready for the New Year?  Want to start a challenge that will keep you motivated not just the first month but ALL YEAR LONG!

Join  Fitness with Jamie's -  Private Challenge Group

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Whats the challenge?  Well that is up to you!  It is your resolution!

Step one:  Choose your resolution: ie: begin a workout program like one of the programs offered at Beachbody; decide on a gym routine; start couch potato to 5k (10k etc); walk/run/elliptical with a at home routine.. you get the picture right? if you need help message me and i will be happy to help!

Step two: Post about your resolution on Jan 1st in Fitness with Jamies Private Challenge Group

Step three: Post every work out to keep yourself motivated

Step four:
Help encourage others!

Step five: eat healthy! (it doesn't matter how much you work out, if your eat crappy!) Post one healthy thing you eat a day!


So who is in???

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