Thursday, September 26, 2013

T25 Beta Phasa Core Speed review

For those of you who follow this blog (thank you), you know that I am 8 months pregnant 33 weeks to be exact.... so doing the T25 work outs has been increasingly challenging, especially the Dynamic Core, so today I switched out Dynamic core for Core speed and am kicking myself for not doing it sooner!  I LOVED IT!  It was quick like Speed 2.0 and was over with before I knew it. I was dripping in sweat my heart rate was higher than it should have been and I only had to modify one exercise which I ended up not modifying in the all inclusive rounds because I was so into it. This preggo girl was doing one handed burpees.. WOW!  It was a great great work out! I was a happy girl this morning doing it!  I loved the format, just like I loved speed 2.0's format. He incorporate lots of punching which I love and it was just fun. I kept a smile on my face the entire work out!  Below is my review video.. do not mind the sweatiness!

If you want to know more go to and click on shop then search for T25 or message me 
Happy to answer any questions!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Advanced Upper and lower body work out (not for the faint of heart)

I came across this and well I was a little mesmerized  interested in the work outs.....  some of these you may need to go to a gym or playground to do or find a wall to put your legs against (for the handstands) and if you are like me #1  well that is not going to happen. But if you are strong enough kudos to you!  The lower body area you can totally do!!!    This is a little large but reducing it, made it where you could not see the images... soooo here you go your advanced work out!

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Friday, September 20, 2013


Some of the guys have been asking for workout stuff designed them so here you go.. girls you can use it too :D

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

25 min Cardio work out

25 minutes of cardio

  • Perform each exercise 1 after the other, resting when you need to. 
  • Modify according to your fitness level...the time given for each move is just a suggestion--go longer or shorter if you need to.
  • Sip water throughout the workout.  When you get tired, walk in place (don't stop moving)

Warm upWarm up for 2 or more minutes with light cardio walking in place or jumping jacks  
Side Lunge with Windmill ArmsStand with legs wide, arms straight out to the sides and parallel to the floor.  Bend the right knee into a side lunge and bring the left arm down towards the foot.  Come back up, rotating the arms, and lunge to the left, bringing the right arm down towards the floot.  Continue lunging side to side (your arms will move like a windmill). The faster you go and the lower you lunge, the harder it is.  Repeat for 1 minute.
cwindmill1.jpg (10695 bytes)  cwindmill2.jpg (9728 bytes)
JogsJog in place while pushing your arms overhead.  Try to kick high, as if you're kicking your own butt and really use the arms to raise the heart rate.  You can also jog around the house or around the block.  Repeat for 1 minute.
March or WalkWalk around the house or march in place for 30-60 seconds.
High JogsAs you jog, bring your knees up high, to waist level if you can.  Land on the balls of your feet and keep the knees bent to absorb the impact.  Repeat for 30 seconds.
chighjog1.jpg (6703 bytes)
Side Lunge with Windmill ArmsRepeat for 30 seconds.
cwindmill1.jpg (10695 bytes)  cwindmill2.jpg (9728 bytes)
Speed SkatersStart with feet together and jump to the right, landing on the right foot.  Immediately take another lateral jump to the left.  Keep jumping from side to side, keeping the jumps low to the floor and swinging the arms to add intensity.  Jump as far as you can each time, repeating for 1 minute.cskaters1.jpg (7296 bytes) cskaters2.jpg (6822 bytes)
Heel DigsStart with feet together.  Jump up and land on right leg with the left heel straight out in front of you on the floor.  Jump up and switch legs, landing on the left left and bringing the right heel in front of you.  Keep the body low to the ground--the higher you jump, the harder it is.   Repeat for 30 seconds.cheeldigs.jpg (5032 bytes)  cheeldigs2.jpg (5150 bytes)
March or WalkWalk around the house or march in place for 30-60 seconds.
Jumping JacksDo jumping jacks for 1 minute. 

  cjumpjack.jpg (5919 bytes)   
PlyoJacksBegin with feet together and jump up, taking feet out to the side, landing in a low squat.  Jump up and bring feet back together (a very slow jumping jack).  Swing your arms overhead to add intensity.  Do this move for 30 seconds, rest for a few seconds, and repeat for another 30 seconds.  This is a tough one!cplyojack.jpg (7501 bytes)  cplyojack2.jpg (6273 bytes)
Ice BreakersBegin with feet wide.  Jump up and land in a wide squat while swinging your right arm around, over your head and down in a chopping motion.  Repeat the jump, chopping with your left arm.  Repeat for 30 seconds. cicebreaker.jpg (7775 bytes)  cicebreaker2.jpg (6887 bytes)
March or WalkWalk around the house or march in place for 30-60 seconds.
JogsJog or march in place while pushing your arms overhead.  Try to kick high, as if you're kicking your own butt and really use the arms to raise the heart rate.  You can also jog around the house or around the block.  Repeat for 1 minute.cjog1.jpg (7488 bytes)  cjog2.jpg (4932 bytes)
Stand with feet together.  Squat down and place your hands on the floor next to your feet.  In an explosive movement,  jump feet backwards into a push-up position, jump feet back between hands and stand up.  Perform 6 reps, march in place for 8 counts for brief recovery, repeat 6 more times.  This is a tough one!
csquatthrust.jpg (11117 bytes)  csquatthrust2.jpg (6992 bytes)
March or WalkWalk around the house or march in place for 30-60 seconds.
Cross-Country SkiBegin with feet together.  Jump up bringing the right foot forward, left foot back.  Quickly switch feet while alternating the arms with the legs (left arm comes up when right foot goes back).  Repeat for 30 seconds.
ccrosscountryski.jpg (8527 bytes)   
Jump KicksStand with feet together.  Raise the right knee to waist level and then jump, switching legs and kicking out with the left leg (in a knee-up-kick pattern).  Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch, bringing the left knee up and kicking out with the right leg, repeating on this side for 30 seconds.
cjumpkick2.jpg (8083 bytes)
Plyo-LungeBegin in a lunge position, right foot forward, left foot back, both knees at 90 degree angles.  Jump up and switch feet in the air, landing in a lunge with left foot forward, right foot back.  Repeat for 30 seconds, rest and do it for 30 seconds more.  This is a tough one! 
cplyolunge.jpg (8928 bytes)  cplyolunge2.jpg (8850 bytes)
Side KicksStand with feet together.  Transfer your weight to the right leg, making sure your foot is out at an angle to protect your knee.  Bring the left knee up and in towards the body as you look to the left, leaning the torso to the right.  Extend the left leg out in a kick without locking the knee.  Lower back down and repeat on the other side, alternating sides for 1 minute.  If you've never tried kickboxing moves before, skip this one. 
 csidekick.jpg (12333 bytes)  csidekick2.jpg (11160 bytes)
Front Kick with SquatStand with feet together.  Bring the right knee up and extend the leg in a front kick (don't lock the knee!).  Lower down into a low squat (knees behind toes) and then kick with the left leg.  Repeat (right kick, squat, left kick) for 1 minute.
csquatkick.jpg (4853 bytes)  csquatkick2.jpg (6952 bytes) 
Lunge with ChopStep forward with right foot into a low lunge (front knee behind toe, both knees to 90 degree angles) while simultaneously bringing left arm down towards the floor in a chopping motion.  Step back and repeat for 30 seconds.  Switch to the other side and repeat for another 30 seconds.  This is a tough one!
clungechop.jpg (11415 bytes) clungechop2.jpg (11707 bytes)
March or Jog in Place, 1 minute
Power JumpsThis is your last exercise!  Begin with feet together.  Bend the knees and jump as high as you can while circling your arms overhead.  Land with soft knees in a squat and repeat for 1 minute.
cpowerjump.jpg (6331 bytes)  cpowerjump2.jpg (5400 bytes)
Cool down for 5-10 with some light walking and stretching
Have a very fit day!
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 k Walk/Jog program

Some of you have done or looked into  the Couch to 5k program and wanted to look into a 10K, as 10k's are getting very popular especially come October - Feb, here is one that would work for beginners. Find a buddy and start running!

Have a very fit day!

Monday, September 16, 2013

12 min work out

12 min work out

20 deep squats

(no rest)

20 alternating front lunges (ten per leg)

15 seconds max rest

Repeat this simple circuit 5 times (100 reps each movements

1 minute rest

1 set of 50 pushups (if 50 isn't possible, as many as possible)

Drop straight down to plank position. Hold at least 30 seconds.

You are done!

Have a very fit day!

Friday, September 13, 2013


This one was too great not to steal:

Sexercise For Woman 

Exercise Your Kegel Muscles To Increase Your Love Life 

Your Intimacy With Your Partner Is Started From Your Pelvic Floor Muscles, Minimize Injury During Sex By Having Sexercise !

Sexercise is an exercise that is focused on training your hip or pelvic floor muscles (known also as Kegel muscles). Having a toned and strong pelvic floor muscles will increase your intimate love life quality.

For you who has given a birth, loose kegel muscles might decrease your self-confidence. Factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, aging and being overweight often result in the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are useful in regaining pelvic floor muscles strength in such cases.

So don't worry, ladies! You will find here interesting and FUN exercises in Sexercise for woman, complete with detailed information and pictures about how to do the pelvic floor exercises.

Besides firming your pelvic floor, Sexercise will also train your inner thighs, butt and hip. For the best result, take the Sexercise regularly, at least 3 times a week.

Squat Hamstring

Ø       Take a stand position, close both your legs and lift your arms straight up.

Ø       Slowly push your butt to the back, and lower your body.

Ø       Open your chest while you swing down your arms back.

Ø       Hold for 4 seconds, then return to previous position.


Ø       Stand with both legs opened wider than your shoulder, your sole pointed out.

Ø       Lift your arms straight up.

Ø       Lower your butts, so that your legs build an 'A' shape.

Ø       Then contract your butt and push them forward, while putting down your arms in front of your chest.

Ø       Lock your abs muscle.

Ø       Hold a few seconds, then return to previous position.

Hip Cross

Ø       Stand up, and cross your right leg slightly in front of your left leg.

Ø       Lift up your right heel.

Ø       Both hands holding each other above your head.

Ø       Swing your hip right while contracting your butt muscles, then push your pelvic ahead.

Ø       At the same time, move your arms a little to your right.

Ø       Lock your abs muscle, hold for few seconds.

Ø       Do the same with your left leg.

Pelvic Butterfly

Ø      Sit on an exercise mat, and lower your upper body.

Ø       Before touching the exercise mat, support with both your arms on each site of your body. (Your lower arm presses against the exercise mat, with your hands pointing ahead).

Ø     Close your legs, and bend your knees to shape 90°, and lift them up.

Ø       Then, join both soles, while opening your knees.

Ø       Return to normal position. 

The Scissors

Ø       Lie down on your exercise mat, and place your palms under your butts.

Ø       Raise your legs to shape 45° from floor.

Ø       Then move both legs to shape like scissors.

Ø       Return to normal position.

Pelvic Up Down

Ø     Lie down and bend your knees.

Ø Slowly raise your butts, while contracting them, till your upper back and knees form a straight line.

Ø   Hold for few seconds, then move down without touching the exercise mat.

Ø      Lock your stomach, and repeat the exercise.

Cat Pose

Ø       Get to crawl position, and close your legs.

Ø       Arch your back up, pull your stomach, while contract your butts and hip ahead.

Ø       Hold for 4 seconds, and return to previous position.

Doggy Beat Tock

Ø       Lie down face downward, open your legs shoulder wide.

Ø       Press your lower arm against exercise mat, your hands pointing ahead.

Ø       Slowly raise your butt, body, and lower thighs, while your knees stay on exercise mat.

Ø       Move down your pelvic and butt a little, while contracting your butt.

Ø       Repeat the exercise.

Dog Pose

Ø       Take a crawl position, raise your left leg, with your calf pointing to your right, and your thighs are parallel to floor.

Ø       Then move down your left leg to form 45°, then raise it again.

Ø       Do the same with your right leg.

Side Hip

Ø       Lie down on your right side.

Ø       Bend your right leg, till your calf pointing left.

Ø       Support your body with your right arm.

Ø       Raise your left leg and place the sole in front of your right knee.

Ø      Raise your hip and your right side body from the exercise mat.

Ø       Then move forward your butts and pelvis while contracting.

Ø       Do the same with your left body.

Tips for Effective Sexercise

Ø       Don't forget to do Stretching Exercise BEFORE Sexercise.
Ø       Repeat all Sexercises in 2-3 sets with 8-12 repetition each set.
Ø       Focus your mind always on the contracted muscle. Keep your concentration while exercising.
Ø       Exhale when contracting your muscles.
Ø       When you are in lying down position, keep your back flat on exercise mat.

Have a very fit day!

Nice Booty Exercises

Who doesn't want a nice butt? Most us of have an issue with some part of our body and the booty seems to be a common theme, either it is too big or to small, but never just right. Target your butt, thighs and abs for a lower body you will love. Slip on those skinny jeans with ease that will make you feel sexy!

Keeping good form knock out as many reps as you can in 60 seconds. Switch to the other side at 30 seconds when necessary (like leg lifts). Repeat the circuit twice. The whole workout should only take about 15 minutes.

Sumo Squats 

1. Stand with your feet double shoulder- width apart and hold your arms straight out.

2. Bend at the hips and knees to lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your knees in line with your toes.

3. Push back up to the starting position.

Leg Lifts

1. Get down on your hands and knees. Palms flat to the floor and knees bend at 90 degree angle.

2. Lift one leg straighten it out to the side until the inside of your thigh is parallel with the ground.

3. Lower your leg until your toe is on the ground. Left your leg up again and repeat.

Lying on Back Straddle

Lie on your back, resting on your elbows and raise your feet in the air.
Slowly open your legs in a v shape. Hold here for 1-2 seconds.
Raise them back to the start position.  And repeat.

Abductor Leg Lifts

1. Lie on your side with legs straight. Feet, hips and shoulders stacked.

2. Bent your upper leg at the knee and hip. Let it rest on the floor in front of you, from knee to foot. This will free the lower leg to do the exercise.

3. Keeping you lower leg straight but not locked; lift it straight up as far as possible.

4. Than lower it to the floor. Compete one side before rolling over to the other leg.


1.  Start by standing with one foot forward, and the other foot back.

2. Bend both knees. Keep you font knee and ankle inline.  The thigh of your front leg and the shin of your rear leg should be parallel to the floor. The knee of your rear leg should be almost touching the floor.

3. Push up and return to starting position.  Repeat on the other side.

Flutter Kicks

Lie back onto floor Straighten both legs so that they are perpendicular to floor.
Slowly lower one leg almost to the floor. Simultaneously switch position of your legs.

Single leg bow

1. Stand on one leg and bend the other leg behind the body.

2. Extend arms down by your side

3. Bend the font leg and lean upper body forward until your chest is parallel to the floor.

Have a very fit day!