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Even Nutritional Professionals Cheat

I am a firm believer that I work out very hard every day, that if i want a bowl of ice cream and it fits in my calorie budget, then I am allowed to have it.  That is why I count calories after all.  Apparently I am not alone in this.  Check out this article:

Can you cheat on your diet and still lose weight or maintain a healthy weight? Nutrition professionals say "yes," and we frequently cheat, ourselves.
One of the major less-than-healthy habits I've seen among overweight clients is an all-or-nothing diet mentality. They swear off certain foods and have lots of rules about what they can and can't eat. They don't allow room for error -- if they slip up, they give up!
In reality, we all love certain foods that aren't particularly healthy. I love Swedish Fish (yes, I just admitted that!), and given pretty much any chance to eat 'em, I will. However, I've found ways to fit in my sugary fish fix without derailing my diet: I buy a small amount on the weekends and eat them on weekends only.
Here's what 10 other top nutrition pros indulge on and how they fit these less-than-healthy treats in their diet, guilt-free!
Katherine Brooking, MS, RD, co-author of The Real Skinny: Appetite for Health's 101 Fat Habits & Slim Solutions:
What: "Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters or Homemade Chocolate Pudding"
How Often: "Two to three times a week."
How It Fits: "I exercise every day and walk everywhere, but the Dreamy Cluster have only 120 calories per pouch and I make my chocolate pudding with skim milk, so I really don't have to do anything special to enjoy them."

Patricia Bannan, MS, RD, author of Eat Right when Time is Tight:
What: "My favorite cheat food is high-quality dark chocolate. When it comes to dessert, I will go for anything chocolate."
How Often: "I'll have a few pieces of dark chocolate (about half an ounce) a couple times a week and will share a chocolate dessert when eating out about once a month."
How it Fits: "I exercise a few times a week (boot camp, spinning and yoga), so I think it all balances out."

Amy Jamieson-Petonic, RD, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spokesperson:
What: "Frozen yogurt."
How Often: "Once or twice a month."
How It Fits: "I go for a small size and I don't put topping on it. I do practice moderation and I avoid the idea of deprivation."

Regina Ragone, MS, RD, Food Director, Family Circle Magazine:
What: "Really great bread -- Italian, French or any kind of artisan raisin nut bread."
How Often: "I used to think that I didn't have to restrict bread, but I realized if I eat it too much, I gain weight. I indulge every few weeks and I don't really compensate. I feel like I watch myself most of the time so if I want to indulge I won't really "pay" for it."
How It Fits: "I try to walk as much as I can during the day and exercise regularly and I try to not overeat."

Melinda Johnson, MS, RD, lecturer/director, Didactic Program in Dietetics at Arizona State University; registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

What: "While I don't really have an absolute favorite treat, I do like my sweets! So, I would consider a gooey brownie or a cookie dough ice cream a favorite treat. However, I also sometimes really love something salty and crunchy, like flavored tortilla chips."
How Often? "I try to live by the 90:10 ratio -- that is, if about 90 percent of the foods I eat in a day are relatively healthy, I can "treat" myself with about 10 percent. I try to save my 10 percent for something I really enjoy."
How It Fits: "I like to maintain balance in my eating, so I tend to naturally veer back towards a healthier option at the next eating occasion, just to balance things out. I also make sure I stop and enjoy my food, especially when it is an indulgence -- that way, I am satisfied with much less, simply because I'm paying attention to how good it tastes."

Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, author of S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches:
What: "French fries, but I'm picky -- to be worth it, they have to be fresh, whole, hand-cut potatoes (preferably skin-on), cooked in peanut or olive oil."
How often: "Maybe once a month."
How It Fits: "Since French fries are basically starch and fat, I don't eat other starches or fat at the same meal. Instead I'll pair them with non-starchy veggies and lean protein to create some balance. This kind of combo leaves me feeling satisfied, but not stuffed or sluggish afterwards."

Elisa Zied, MS, RDN, CDN, registered dietitian and author:
What: "Burger and fries."
How Often: "I'll have this every couple of months."
How It Fits: "I don't eat a full order. Instead, I'll have half of the burger and half of the fries. I enjoy them guilt-free and make sure to scale back on fatty and salty foods for a day or two. For example, I'll eat Shredded Wheat for breakfast and have more fruits and veggies during the day."

Jackie Newgent, RDN, culinary nutritionist and author of 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes:
What: "Homemade, organic chocolate milkshake."
How Often: "Two times a month."
How It Fits: "I plan for it by wearing my pedometer and walking at least 10,000 steps specifically before I indulge."

Jessica Crandall, MS, RD, registered dietitian nutritionist and national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

What: "Ice cream."
How Often: "As long as it fits within my calorie budget, I have no reservations."
How It Fits: "I maintain a pretty intense exercise regime so it's easy for me to enjoy these types of healthy indulgences."

Keri Gans, MS, RDN, CDN, author, The Small Change Diet:
What: "French fries."
How Often: "I eat them two to three times a month."
How It Fits: "I eat them for dinner with scrambled egg whites made with tomato and broccoli and I'll skip whole wheat toast."

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4 weeks to Flatter Abs

By Shawn McKee
eDiets Contributor
If you’re like me, then a hectic lifestyle has led to fatty fast-food lunches, less time for exercise and the inevitable widening of the waistline that follows. While the transition from a 6-pack — in the right light — to a soft doughy center has happened slowly, there is a quick way to reverse the trend.
Fitness pro Raphael Calzadilla built a core-strengthening, ab-flattening workout program that anyone can do anywhere — in just 30 minutesper day! All you will need is a stop watch or timer.
It’s a simple plan that can create dramatic results in just four weeks, but you have to dedicate yourself to the program. Whether you want to flatten your pooch for the beach, slim down for a wedding or just see significant improvement fast, this is your plan.
The 4-Week Flat Abs Workout
Days: 3 non-consecutive days per week (For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
Instructions: Move from one exercise to the next without stopping. For example, once you complete the last rep of pushups, go directly to the squats, etc. (Click on the exercise names for demonstrations.)
Week 1: The Core Workout1. Pushups – The goal is 10 reps but if you’re not able to perform 10, do as many as possible. You can substitute bent-knee pushups until you can complete regular pushups.
2. Squat with body weight – 20 reps
3. Lunges – 10 reps each leg
4. Bicycle Maneuver – timed for 30 seconds. If your legs fall to the floor in less than 30 seconds, take a deep breath, pick them back up and start again.
5. Reverse Ab Curl – timed for 30 seconds. If your legs fall to the floor, take a deep breath, pick them back up and start again.
6. Double crunch – timed for 30 seconds. If your legs fall to the floor, take a deep breath, pick them back up and start again.
7. Plank – hold for 45 seconds (or as close as you can get).
Rest 1 minute and repeat. Keep repeating the circuit in this manner until you reach 30 minutes. Then stretch for 5 minutes.
Weeks 2-4: Each week, add 2 more reps to the pushups, squats and lunges. And each week, add 5 seconds to the bicycle maneuver, reverse ab curl, double crunch and plank.
Cardio Plan: 3 non-consecutive days per week of cardio for 30 minutes a session.
2 days of steady state cardio and 1 high intensity interval training (HIIT) session. The cardio mode of exercise can vary. (For example, jogging on Tuesday, biking on Thursday and sprints (Interval training) on Saturday.)
Here’s how to do HIIT:
-5 min warm up
-15 seconds of high intensity exercise, followed by 45 seconds moderate intensity (not low). Keep repeating for 20 total cycles and then cool down for 5 minutes (for a total of 30 minutes). Stretch before and after the cardio sessions.
“A combination of steady state cardio and high intensity interval training will produce outstanding results and alleviate the boredom factor,” says Raphael. However, he warns that even a workout like this won’t work if your diet is not order.
“No matter how much you exercise, abs will only become flatter and tighter if your nutrition program is in a slight calorie deficit,” says Raphael. “Consume nutrient dense foods and eat approximately 5-6 times per day (3 meals and 2-3 snacks spread every 2-3 hours) in order to keep blood sugar levels stable. With a slight calorie deficit and stable blood sugar levels, body fat will decrease – and that is a huge component to getting flatter abs.”
Now start the plan today and go from flabby to flat in just a few weeks

Have a very fit day!

A Dose of Inspiration

Healthy Cooking Tips

Fill more than  half of  your plate with fruits and vegetables

Portion out leftovers ahead of time

Wait to add salt until food is ready to serve as well as use other spices besides salt to enhance your dishes.

Use a brush or spray bottle to apply olive/coconut oil to your food.

Substitute low or nonfat dairy products (or dairy substitute) in place of Whole Milk

Meat eaters:  Buy choice or select grades of beef

Use Nonstick pans (you will use less oils that way)

Add extra vegetables in your dishes (puree or chop them finely)  You can even substitute some cheese in mac and cheese for pureed cauliflower.

Use Whole grain versions of things like pasta.

Simple changes can go a long way in helping you eat healthier!

Have a very fit day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Holiday blues

**** I wrote this 12/30/12 but for some reason it did not post.. so this is old

I did what I vowed not to do. I got off my work out routine. There are many factors for this. All are excuses and some are really good reasons. Some reasons are out of my control. But some are not. I have gotten off my morning work outs. It's easy to do when a warm body is in bed with you or is fighting for bathroom time at the same moment. Plus after insanity i needed a break. I have gained 10ish lbs give or take. I still am healthy and in my perfect weight zone. But I am not happy with it. So I am back on the Working out daily. It is hard to get back into the routine. I keep reminding myself how happy I am when all of the outfits in my head fit and look fabulous. I keep reminding myself I need to fit into clothes I already have. The solution is not to but new clothes but to fit in the ones I have. So it has begun again. I am being good I watching my food intake and am working out minimally 30 mins a day. As daddy said "I'm not buying you a 2nd wedding dress'. And I am 60 days out from the wedding .

So moral of today's post. Even if you have faltered in your workouts. Do not give up. Start again. No matter how slow that start is you will pick up momentum soon and get back into shape and your healthy habits soon!

What doesn't kill you..... work out

As always, warm up by running in place, doing jumping jacks, anything before you start.. 
but here is a killer work out..... (literally)

Have a very fit day!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Why You Need Shakeology® Now!*

Shakeology can help you:

Lose Weight
Reduce Cravings
Feel Energized
Improve Digestion and Regularity
Tastes delicious, too!

Shakeology Works Two Ways

This patented daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need.*

In a 90 day study, participants that replaced one meal with Shakeology, ate a balanced diet and worked out at least 3 times a week, saw an average of 30% lower cholesterol.  Want to know more?  Check out this FAQ page:

Want to purchase?  Go to: and get yours, in your favorite flavor today!

Have a very fit day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Running Schedule for Beginners

I had a friend tell me that she thought Couch Potato to 5k was way to confusing and she found herself not finishing and asked me to give her a simplified version.  She liked this version and so I thought I would share with you.

All you need is a watch with a timer, some good running shoes, a good running path (one where you do not have to stop for traffic, as when you are beginning this, it will be really irritating to run in place while waiting on the light or cars to pass), motivation and some determination.

With all of these, do a 5 min brisk warm up walk and a 5 min cool down walk and stretch really well after you run!!!  Here are some sample stretches to choose from.

You can run as many days as you want or take a rest day (or do another exercise on those days) and run every other day. I would run AT least 3 times a week, if not more. At any point you begin a week and just have to walk when you are supposed to run, repeat the previous week a couple more times, until you feel you are ready to move on.  Listen to your body. Everyone is different.  When I got into the longer runs, I had to repeat weeks, in order to move up.  Also as extra motivation, sign up (and pay) 0 for a 5k, that is 6 months out.  That way you have an end goal to keep you focused.

Running plan: Month 1
Week 1: Run 1 minute; walk 2 minutes. Repeat 10 times.
Week 2: Run 2 minutes; walk 2 minutes. Repeat 9 times.
Week 3: Run 2 minutes; walk 1 minute.  Repeat 9 times.
Week 4: Run 3 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 8 times.

Running plan: Month 2
Week 5: Run 4 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 7 times.
Week 6: Run 5 minutes; walk 1 minute.  Repeat 6 times.
Week 7: Run 6 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 5 times.
Week 8: Run 7 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 4 times

Running plan: Month 3
Week 9: Run 8 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 4 times.
Week 10: Run 9 minutes; walk 1 minute.  Repeats 3 times.
Week 11: Run 10 minutes; walk 1 minute.  Repeat 3 times.
Week 12: Run 12 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Running plan: Month 4
Week 13: Run  15 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.
Week 14: Run 18  minutes; walk 2 minutes.  Repeat 2 times.
Week 15: Run  20 minutes; walk 2 minutes. Repeat 2 times.
Week 16: Run 30  minutes.

Congrats, you did it, now you can  run your full 30 mins with no breaks!  Now you can work on your speed and try to increase how fast you run the same distance.  You can do this. You have Trained for 4 months and are now fully prepared to run a 5k in under 30 mins!  Plus once you are at the run, everyone around you will motivate you to keep running!

Good luck, stay safe and stretch!!!

Have a very fit day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Random Fitness thoughts...

I have heard some concerns being stated lately and thought I would share my thoughts on some of  them, in case others are having the same thoughts/questions/concerns. As well as give you some inspirational stories at the end to inspire you to be a better you!

I have no energy to work out:  I understand, but if you start working out, you will start having more energy. When I started, I was very happy to sit on the couch and just rest, as I was soo exhausted from my day.  What I found was, for me, when I started working out, my energy level increased, so that I was not only able to work out daily, but work out longer. Plus after you do it for 20 or so days it becomes a habit :D

I have no time to work out:  But you do have time to watch your fave show or go to the movies or out to dinner?  We only have time to do the things we want to do. Stop making excuses and schedule working out into your life. On my calender every day, is an hour to work out. I can sometimes multitask by riding my stationary bike AND watching my fave tv show. I call those days a total win.  If you have kids, do a work out with them, go for a bike ride or walk or play a game of kickball. YOU have to make the time to work out and not come up with excuses to not work out. 

The work outs you do are too hard for me:  Then do something else. You do not have to do what I do. When I was at my biggest, I could never have done what I do now, it would have totally de-motivated me. I started slowly, but I started. I started by finding videos ONdemand on my Comcast cable, exercise tv and on Netflix (who sadly no longer offers free streaming of work out videos.. sad very sad) or my wii fit plus. I would do the 20-30 mins kickboxing or circuit training work out in the morning and one in the evening (or go for a run with Couch potato to 5k program or do 40-60 mins on the Wii).  I worked out twice a day because that way if something happened like, I overslept (as I am not a morning person) or had a meeting that evening, I still got in a 20-30 min work out. Plus it gave me the opportunity to vary my work outs so I did not get bored and helped me incorporate hand weights. I lost an easy 20 lbs in just a couple of months by doing this.  The hardest part is starting and making it a daily habit. 

Run? I am not a runner:  yeah well I would not say I am either. Couch potato to 5k made it easy.  If I found a week was too hard, then I just re-did that week or day. Now I can run 5k with very little issues.  Now if you ask me to do more... it depends on the day. I will sometimes do as much as a 10k with walking parts.  A marathon is wayyy out of my reach unless someone is chasing me with a knife, then i think I might find the motivation.  

I have been working out and not losing ANY weight. I am sooo frustrated: Well if you have not worked on in forever, then you are probably building muscle, so look at if you are losing inches and not so much the scale in the beginning, that will come with good eating habits. Now if your pants are not fitting loose and it has been over a month, then you need to look at what you are eating. You cannot continue to eat 2500 plus calories a day, fried foods, cake, cookies, etc and expect to lose weight and inches. If you are not writing down EVERYTHING you eat and drink, you need to start. There is no way for you to see what goes into your body without keeping a journal, is awesome, it will track your calories burned and calories that you eat and will tell you how many calories you should eat a day to get to your goal weight. You cannot put trash in your body and expect to see results of weight loss.  Also remember if you want to see results quicker, cut out the alcohol. I dropped an easy 15 lbs when I quit, plus I was not bloated any more. I actually looked slim. Have one or two once a week but do not do more than that, remember alcohol is extra empty calories.  

It is too hard to eat healthy:  Um not really, you just have to work at it. Once you eat clean for 20-30 days, your body resets itself and you will no longer crave that cookie or piece of cake. Do not buy bad stuff and you will not be tempted. Bring your lunch to work so you are not tempted to eat fast food. Store healthy snacks at your desk. Prepare food or items to cook ahead of time, like on a Sunday so you can easily cook when you get home. Or better yet throw something in the crockpot for an easy go to meal that is ready when you get home. Read labels. You want to make sure you know everything that is in your food ingredient wise and  how many calories you are in taking   If you following a gluten free or Paleo diet (which are proven to help many many people when done correctly), then you need to make sure there are no enriched flours as well as many other things. Here is a good blog that has info about the Paleo diet   Whatever your food choices are, remember this is not a "diet" but a lifestyle change. You must change the way you think and look at food and be willing to stick to it or else you will wind up right back where you started.   You also have to have will power to pick the fruit instead of french fries for your side item. Choose, olive, coconut or Avocado oils to use when cooking over other oils.  You have to think, "is this food of any nutritional value or is this wasted calories"  Research the best healthy diet for yourself that you can stick too and do for the rest of your life. Once you start eating healthy your body will no longer like the bad processed, sugary foods. If you want  to kick start your transformation and eating healthy,  follow the Whole30 (if you are doing Paleo) or do a The Beachbody Ultimate Reset  (the one Beachbody offers is not harsh, there is No starvation diets. No harsh laxatives. No running back and forth to the bathroom all day long. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset doesn't punish or deprive your body—it feeds your body with all the nutrients you've been craving those will help kick start your eating transformation.)  No matter what you try, try something, eating healthy will not kill you, eating bad will.  Plus eating healthy will make you feel better and also give you more energy.  So why not at least try?

Need inspiration?
Look at these real people who have transformed themselves with dedication and hard work. Nothing is beyond your grasp if you just reach!

Hope this helped, even a little bit!

Have a very fit day!

TurboFire (intial) review

I started TurboFire yesterday, today was day two.  I am going to give you a summary of my experience with it so far and update this as I continue with this series.

Yesterday was the Fire Starter plus a 10 minute stretch. It is a lot like Les Mills Combat on speed. Lots of kickboxing moves with more aerobic actions and wayyyyyy more energy.  You are explained the moves slowly before doing it quickly which is nice. However, you are doing the moves so quickly that sometimes you get lost and if you are like me, it looks like you are just flailing around. I am sure if someone had recorded me, they would have gotten a very good laugh. It was about a 37ish min work out and I burned a ton of calories and did a lot of punching, kicking as well as ab work (not sit ups but still a lot of core).  The instructor Chalene Johnson, is very energetic and does a good job of multi-tasking, so your ab work out is snuck into the work out.   What I loved, was after your work out, you can leave or do the 10 min stretch video that is on the schedule. AWESOME. It was a perfect end to a very energetic work out. I felt taller and my stress was released, as well as my muscles got a good deep stretch, as if I had done yoga!  loved loved loved this aspect.

Today, the schedule (that came with my package) stated Fire 40, plus stretch, though I could find no Fire 40 and did not have time to research it, so I did the Fire 30 plus the 10 min stretch. I did love that you could choose "first time for class" so that option gave a break down of ALL of the moves before you did them. The moves were similar to the Fire Starter class, with "fire drills" built in, which were HIT moves for a minute, which got my heart rate pretty high.   This class again was a class on speed.  I found myself not being able to move through the moves quick enough to get them done at the same speed as those on the tv, which was frustrating to me. I reminded myself once I did the work outs a few times, my speed would improve. I burned more calories today than yesterday, in about the same amount of time (since instructions were added, the class was longer than 30 mins).  Then the stretch came.. ahhhhh it was like heaven. I really do love stretching!
I did some research and apparently Fire 40 is the same as Fire 45ez (though I do not remember seeing this Fire 45 ez, just Fire 45, someone else reported that they are not making Fire 40 anymore and to do Fire 45 in it's place so that is our answer :D  Though if you look online you can find several different schedules for this. So find one that works for you!

I will keep updating this post as I go through the videos, but this is definitely intense, not for beginners to working out. I would do Les Mills Combat before you do this one, to get the moves down for kickboxing, and use TurboFire for more weight loss and cardio for those who want to push themselves even further. I still think that Insanity makes me sweat more and is more for athletes, so far though the moves are much harder in Insanity, than with TurboFire.  Turbofire work outs seem to go from 10 mins through 60 depending on the day and are for a longer (20 weeks) vs Insanity which is 40ish mins the first month and 60ish mins the 2nd month for 60 days total. Chalene Johnson is very energetic and keeps you wanting to push, as well as the music is really good., but there is also something about Shaun T. that I love even if they music is not all that.  Both Insanity and TurboFire gives you tons of stretching, where Les Mills Combat, is missing the stretching aspect, and I feel stretching, when pushing yourself to the limit is very very important.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer my specifics on these products.  If you are interested in ANY of the Beachbody products you can also go to  and order them.

They definitely will help you get into shape. If you think any of the ones I have mentioned are too intense for you, please contact me, I will be happy to discuss less intense programs to help you reach your fitness needs.

Have a very fit day!

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Why Coffee and Tea are Amazing for You!

Why Coffee and Tea Are Amazing For You

3 Foods to Eat for a Flat Belly

3 Foods to Eat for a Flat Belly on Healthy Meal Experts

Yes, you can actually eat to lose weight! In fact, certain foods will help you achieve the famous flat belly by giving your body what it needs to work at its peak metabolism.
Check out these great-tasting treats with high levels of flab-fighting nutrients. So what are you waiting for? Dig in and eat up!
1. Dairy. Found in cheese, yogurt, and milk, the protein whey (of little Miss Muffet fame) helps build lean muscle. Calcium also makes a potent flab fighter. One study found that overweight mice who were given calcium supplements lost 42 percent of body weight when on a diet, compared to only 8 percent in the control group.
2. Avocado. Unsaturated fats like those in avocados help regulate fat-causing hormones. Plus, avocados are high in potassium, a nutrient that curbs bloating.
3. Dark Chocolate. Our personal favorite, chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants that prevent fat cells from building up in the body. As an additional bonus, a Harvard study found that people who ate dark chocolate three times a month extended their lives by a whole year.
Since these foods can be high in fat (which is why they taste so dang good), be sure to eat in moderation so you don’t go over your calorie needs for the day.

Habits of Fit People

Ever wonder how people become fit, especially those who you know were over weight, work full time, have kids but somehow managed to lose 50-100 lbs and keep it off?

Well I will tell you from experience, they do a few things differently then the masses.  Their outlook on life and working out is different than those who are couch potatoes.

Fit people do not make excuses.  There are no excuses.  An excuse is just you procrastinating. There will always be something that COULD stand in your way. You have to decide if you WANT to let that stand in your way.

Fit people make goals and keep them.  At the beginning of every work out, your goal is to finish, whether it is a run, a video or a set of workouts at the gym.  You have a CHOICE to finish or GIVE UP, when you start to get out of breath, your body starts aching, your mind is telling you that you just cannot continue   At that moment, reach down deep and DO NOT GIVE UP. Barter with yourself. If you could hear my internal dialogue while running, it is HILARIOUS. I say things like "If you run to that stop sign, you can do 5 less push ups, if you walk you have to do 5 more" You will be shocked at how YOU can push yourself.  Keep your goals and you will see results.

Fit people find their flaws motivating. Use your flaws to motivate yourself. I know that I am never happy when I gain weight in my mid section. It drives me insane when my belly is not flat. I think I am "fat" now I am far from it, but my mind reverts back to those days when i was heavy. That motivates me to work out harder and to get my butt out of bed in the morning to do my work out. I know that as long as long as I am doing some sort of work out a day, that my belly will go back to the way I want it, in no time at all. So instead of letting that flaw get you down, let it motivate you to do something about it.

Which leads me to persistence  Be persistent in your work outs. Do not let ANYONE tell you, that it is okay to skip, if you have a work out plan.  That is them trying to derail you. Stay persistent and keep pushing on. Persistence ALWAYS pays off.

Fit people always keep healthy snacks around them. I always have something healthy to snack on, as I never know when hunger will strike me and i never want to be caught off guard. Fit people keep healthy things around so they are not tempted with the snack machine or fast food.

Fit people keep a food/work out journal.  If you are not accountable to yourself then who will you be accountable too?  Food/work out journals (I love, you can invite friends too) help you see every morsel that goes into your mouth, and every calorie that you burn. Any time I have ever started to gain my some weight back I realize I have stopped inputting into my food/workout journal. Be accountable to yourself!

Everything fit people  eat serves a purpose.  I love protein shakes like Shakeology or Isopure. They fuel me through my work outs. Protein is for my muscles, Carbs are for my  energy, Produce (fruits and veggies) are  for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants  Always ask yourself "what the food will do for you" before you eat it. If it will only make your fat, then choose something else. Fit people make Smart choices

Even fit people take rest days. Know when to rest.  I am guilty of working out 7 days a week. But there are those days that I am exhausted  my muscles are sore and I just really need a break.  I take that break. I may go for a walk, or ride the stationary bike while watching a movie, but I take a break from my normal hard core routine and let my body rest. Some days I even nap (gasp)

Fit people do not skip a work out (except on your already schedule rest day)  fit people take their work outs seriously and schedule them into their day. I schedule mine as soon as I wake in the morning  No I am not a morning person, but it is the only time in my day that I can consistently work out. It is the only time that other things do not pop up to give me an excuse not to work out. My only excuse in the morning is being lazy and not getting out of bed, which is when the persistence kicks in :D

Give work outs your undivided attention.   I make everyone leave the living room so I can work out, mainly because I usually am working out in my PJ's and no one needs to see me doing a work out in boy shorts and a sports bra (nice image huh?). But I also do it so I have no distractions. If someone tries to talk to me while I am working out, they get ignored. If I go for a run, I am focused on my breathing, my body's movements and the song that is rocking through my head phones. Listen to your body and pay attention to you, so you can be the best version of you!

Fit people push through stress, frustration and let downs. Fit people get stresses, have busy lives, reach a plateau, get exhausted  bored with their work outs and just frustrated at times,  The difference is they push through, they use that
excuse" to become more determined to do better, to find a different work out that works better or is more fun. I change up my work outs daily. I use my work outs as my stress and frustration reducer. Push through and you will not regret it!

Fit people do not look at work outs  or eating right as work but as a way of life. They do not feel complete without a work out. It is like brushing your teeth or taking a bath, fit people cannot go a day without it. Even if you have a rest day, you still work on eating right. It is a lifestyle change not a diet. Lifestyle changes are what works and sticks, diets do not.

Fit people do not give up. They push through, they make healthy habits and they continue to better themselves.

Will you choose to be a fit person or a couch potato???

Have a very fit day!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT! (well at least 2 things from this list)

Today, you’re going to make the steps to be a better version of you and "just do it"

If you’re anything like me, you’re big on the whole “come up with ideas” part of life and slightly lacking in the “JUST DO IT” part.  You’ve told yourself forover and over again that you are going to get in shape.  Today is that day... enough with the excuses as that is just procrastination.

It’s time for action!

Here are different ways to improve your life right now. I’m a huge fan of momentum, and I’m confident that picking a thing or two off of this list and following through with it could help you turn your procrastination to something awesome.

All of these will help you either feel better, look better, or help make this world a slightly better place.

So what are you waiting for?  Just do it!

Write down everything you eat today. Every bite of food even that nibble of brownies that were in the lunch room, any soda/juice/alcohol (yes those count too).  This means every  calorie.  You will be shocked at how many calories you are in-taking.  I know I was. you can use friend me if you want :D I am happy to help you stay motivated

Write down what you’re going to do in the gym. Don’t walk in there blindly, know exactly which exercises you’ll do and how much you’re going to lift.  And then, write down your results as you do them.

Not a gym person (neither am I)  Do videos (BeachBody has some great ones for every fitness level) or some sort of home exercise, like stationary bike or treadmill.  Write it all down in  So you can keep track of your calories burned and your calories that you intake.

Now that you are counting calories.. eat less burn more calories. If you want to lose weight, you have to burn 500 less calories a day at least. or Fitnesspal will help you determine the calories you need to meet your goal weight.

Stretch after you warm up and after you finish your exercise. Stretching kick-starts the recovery process by stretching out your muscles after working out.

Write down three goals. Write down three things right now that you need to accomplish in order for your day to feel productive.  Do the first thing, and then then second, and then the third.  Simple

Try a new vegetable. They won’t hurt, I promise.  You might be surprised at how yummy some are.   Try substituting spaghetti noddles for spaghetti squash.. yummy nutritious and WAYYY better for you

Stand up straight and stop slouching! Pull your shoulder blades back and pick your chin up.  You’ll look thinner, project more confidence, and your lower back will stop hurting from sitting improperly all day.

Stop drinking soda.(even diet soda is bad for you) Need the carbonation???  Switch to something like La Croix (no sodium, calories, nothing but water and a little carbonation and natural flavoring)

Start lifting weights. Weight training helps you burn more calories as muscles burn calories even when you are sitting still.  So that means even us ladies should be lifting  You will look toned and burn more calories who doesn't want that??

Lift one more pound today in the gym than you did last time.

Start jogging/running and each time you are out there, run one second faster today than you did yesterday. Easy goal and it will help you improve.

Drink more water.  Water is good for you, it flushes out toxins, makes your skin glow, makes you less hungry, makes you pee a lot, which means you are getting exercise by going to the restroom (especially if you work in my office the restroom is like a minute walk).  Get gallon jug and make a motivational water bomb jug that tells you to drink every half hour.

Eat breakfast. Eggs and old fashioned oatmeal (not the instant stuff) are good.  Sugary cereal with a big glass of OJ (pretty much sugar water), are bad. breakfast kicks starts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day.. so DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST!

Learn how to do a proper squat. You should look like you are sitting in a chair. If you can handle it add weights (see how I snuck that in)  Want a challenge?  Take my 30 day squat challenge that I started today!

Don’t eat fast food for lunch.  I know this is hard for some, but there are always healthy, fast, cheap solutions out there for lunch.  Most grocery stores have salads (and fruit salads) pre-made for a quick get away.  Bringing your lunch helps you watch your calories and makes you less tempted to order french fries.. if you HAVE too get fast food, order the grilled chicken/fish without a bun and apples instead of fries and skip the meal deal as you do not need the soda!

Start a weight-loss contest at work – Everybody throws in 20 bucks, whoever loses the highest percentage of body weight in a month gets to keep the cash.  Money is a great  motivator.

Go for a brisk walk on your lunch break or mid afternoon breaks.

Ride your bike or walk  to work if you can (I so wish I could do this).

Make an awesome workout play list or listen to Pandora "Pop and Hip Hop Power Work out" play list.. awesome for motivation!

Stop making excuses – I lost 45 pounds in 6 months because I finally stopped making excuses and started taking action.  You can do this too.

Try interval training. Only have 20 minutes?  Try 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training.  Kick your booty, burn extra calories, and build up your oxygen capacity in a short amount of time.

Sign up for that class you’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t. I signed up for a Spin class after a friend talked me into it.  I was scared when I went in, but LOVED IT!  I became hooked and loved the calories I burned and the sweat that came off me.

Do one thing that scares you. Ask out the cute boy/girl at the coffee shop, speak in public to a room full of people, volunteer for a difficult task at work.  Step out of your comfort zone, and grow some confidence.  This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself today.

Sign up for a race two months from now, and pay in advance. Once you have paid money, it’s going to be tough for you to avoid training and is a great motivator.  Ask a friend to do it with you.

Take 15 minutes to clean off your office desk/bedroom. Clutter can cause all kinds of stress and makes life way more complicated than it needs to be.  Get rid of the crap, unclutter your desk, unclutter your mind.

Sign up for your local library! I’ve rediscovered the library in my town, which has a surprisingly great collection of fitness and diet books.  You can also get e-books downloaded directly to your e-reader without every leaving your house.

Chuck your junk food. I don’t care if you just bought it – get rid of the cookies, crackers, ice cream, soda, Ho-Hos, Twinkies, sugary cereal, whatever.  GET RID OF IT, so you won’t be tempted. (hard when your spouse still brings it home, if that is the case, just tell yourself it is not yours and you cannot have any.. that is what i have to do)

Sign up for a free fitness class. A lot of the CrossFit, Yoga, Time Exercise places will let you try one out for free or a discounted price.  Find a CrossFit gym  or Timed Exercise in your area, and sign up for your free class.  Sure, you might puke and you’ll be sore as hell, but it’s a free booty-kicking…and who knows, you might like it!

Me time is important.. Give yourself 15 minutes of “me time.” Lock yourself in your room, put on your favorite song, turn off your phone, and just do NOTHING.

Run. Stop by the park on the way home, strap on a pair of sneakers, and just start running.  Feeling crazy?  Try it barefoot.

Say thank you or shake the hand of any person you see that is/was in the military.  These brave men and women don’t get enough recognition, and you’ll be surprised how far a “thank you for your service” and a handshake will go towards making their day and making you feel better.  Random? sure.  Good for the world? Yes. Every time I do this I smile, because they smile soooo big!

Do some push ups! Are they hard yes.. but try a few every day until you can do 100 at a time. There is even an app called 100 push ups that can help you .

Smile!  Not a fake one smile either, but a genuine one.  Smiles are contagious.

Stop thinking so much. We tend to over-analyze every situation until it’s far more complicated and stressful than it needs to be.  Sometimes you just need to shut off your brain and go for it.

Call somebody and tell them that you love them. Your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, parents, grandparents, whoever.  You probably don’t say it enough, and you know how great it is to hear it.  Spread the love!

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Share this post with somebody you care about.

Have ideas of what else you can do to start being the best version of you?  Send them my way. I love comments and suggestions!

Have a very fit day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

30 Mins of Exercise :Key to Happier Healthier Life!


10 Best Foods and Drinks for Exercising

I came across this article and thought I would share:

10 Best Foods and Drinks for Exercising

By carolyn_r on Apr 11, 2011 06:00 PM in Healthy Eating

You know exercise is key if you want to stay fit. But did you know that what you eat and drink can help you reach your fitness goals faster? By feeding your body the right nutrients you can ensure it’s getting the raw materials it needs to help you power through your workout and build and repair muscle afterward. Jumpstart your exercise program with these 10 essential food and drinks.

When it comes to priming your muscles for a workout, carbs are your best friend. They provide glucose, the fuel your muscles run on. But, like different grades of gasoline, not all carbohydrates are created equally. Slowly-digested, complex carbs from whole grains deliver a sustained blood sugar release that energizes you throughout your workout. And oatmeal is a winning choice. It’s rich in beta-glucan, a fiber that slows digestion and keeps blood sugar on an even keel. For maximum results, choose whole oats. They’re digested more slowly than quick cooking or instant oatmeal.

If you’re a java junkie we have happy news for you. Downing 12 ounces of coffee an hour before you hit the gym or track can help you workout longer and boost your endurance. It can also ease exercise-related aches and pains. A 2009 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign study found that men who received a jolt of caffeine an hour before bicycling intensely reported less muscle pain during their workout than a similar group of cyclists who went caffeine free. Worried that cup of Joe will dehydrate you? Don’t be. The American College of Sports Medicine states that caffeine isn’t an issue when it comes to hydration.

These mollusks are loaded with iron, needed to build hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen throughout your body. Skimp on this crucial mineral and you might not have the energy to drag yourself to the gym. Or, when you do, you’ll feel it. When working muscles don’t get the oxygen they need, they pump out lactic acid causing you to tire quickly. Just six medium oysters supply 20 percent of the iron a woman needs and half the iron a man requires in a day. Oysters with Pink Peppercorn Mignonette feature oysters at their unadulterated best. Try the recipe here.

It may sound counterintuitive, but the more intensely you exercise the more damaging free radicals your body produces. Enter almonds. They’re a top source of antioxidants like flavonoids, phenolic acids, and vitamin E—all of which protect against harmful free radicals. In fact, cyclists who ate 60 almonds a day before meals for four weeks boosted their antioxidant capacity by 43 percent according to a study presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. They also increased their trial time distance by 5 percent too.

Skip the energy bar and fuel up with a small box of raisins instead. They’re just as portable as an energy bar, yet deliver so much more, like energy-boosting carbs and potassium, one of the most underrated sports nutrients around. Potassium naturally maintains fluid balance, helping to prevent dehydration as well as muscle cramps. But when you work up a sweat, you loose it.  Conveniently, a small box of raisins provides more than 300 milligrams of this mighty mineral, nearly as much as you’d get from a small banana.

Think you need a sports drink during or after exercise? Not if you’re hoofing it for less than 60 minutes according to the American Dietetic Association’s Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Dietetic Practice Group. Unless you work out an hour or more—or are an extremely heavy sweater—good old H2O is the perfect hydration drink. The best way to make sure you’re getting enough fluids: weigh yourself before and after exercise. Then drink two and a half cups of fluid for every pound you’ve lost.

Low-Fat Ricotta with Honey
After hitting the weight room, your muscles are hungry for protein to help them repair and rebuild. Whey protein, used to make ricotta cheese, is a top pick. Whey is rich in B-lactoglobulin, a protein that’s especially effective in stimulating muscle resynthesis according to a 2010 Nutrition & Metabolism study. Adding some quickly digested carbs—like a drizzle of honey—to this post-exercise snack encourages your muscles soak up that protein even faster.

If you’re pumping iron, salmon could make you stronger. With 22 grams of high quality protein per three ounces, this smart catch provides the building blocks your body needs to re- synthesize muscle tissue after a tough workout. And that’s not all. Salmonis also nature’s number one source of vitamin D, a nutrient that many of us don’t get enough of. That can make it harder to build muscle according to a 2010 Osteoporosis International study which links low vitamin D levels to decreased muscle strength.

Tomato Juice
If you bike or run an hour or more, you’re not just losing fluids. You’re also sweating out electrolytes like sodium and potassium. You could replace them with a sports drink or you could chase down some water with a glass of tomato juice. It’s filled with potassium and sodium. One eight-ounce glass delivers six-and-a-half times the sodium and 15 times the potassium you’d get from your standard sports drink.

Does your workout leave you aching? Instead heading to the medicine cabinet for a couple of aspirin, make a b-line to the kitchen for some ginger. According to a 2010 Journal of Pain study, this potent anti-inflammatory root eases post exercise muscle pain. It’s also been shown to reduce joint stiffness and swelling too. Try fresh ginger in Carrot, Apple, and Ginger Refresher as an after-workout snack or Curry Ginger Butternut Squash Soup for a soothing supper.

Have a very fit day!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Healthy Foods for Under a Dollar.. Holla!

Forget that 99 cent bag of Chips. Choose feel-good foods that are great for the body and even better for your budget. Here's our list of 44 tasty, healthy(!) foods, all for under a buck per serving. *Prices may vary depending on location and store.


Black beans, $0.30 cents per ½ cup serving, about $1 per can
Ton of fiber and have a solid amount of calcium, fiber, potassium, and folic acid. Pro-tip: Buy the dry beans for an even better nutritious and money deal — boiling beans at home may preserve more of their cancer-fighting antioxidants. Cook up some black bean soup YUM!

Eggs, $0.19 per egg, about $2 per dozen
Good source of a quick and easy protein

Almonds, $0.60 for a 1oz serving (20-25 nuts), about $5 per 8oz bag
Rich in monounsaturated fat and fiber, these super-nuts could reduce the risk of diabetes and decrease body weight. (just do not over indulge they are high in calories)

Peanuts, $0.50 for a 1oz serving (25-30 nuts), about $4 per 8oz bag
These legumes are a healthy treat. When eating in moderation, peanuts supply a dose of healthy fats and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

 Garbanzo beans, $0.30 per ½ cup serving, about $1 per can
A lot fiber and you can make your own hummus.

 Lentils, $0.12 per ½ cup serving, about $1 per pound (dry, in bulk)
With more protein per pound than beef, lentils are a filling food rich with antioxidants.

 Oats, $0.13 per serving, about $1 per pound (in bulk)
Oats are high in fiber, low in fat, and may even help lower cholesterol

Pinto beans, $0.30 cents per ½ cup serving, about $1 per can
These beans are full of protein and fiber.

 Tofu, $0.50 cents per a 4 oz serving, about $2 per pound
High in protein and low in fat.

 Pumpkin seeds, $0.50 per 1oz serving, about $5 per pound
Filled with essential vitamins and minerals, along with protein and iron.

Chicken breasts, $0.75 per 4 oz serving, about $2.99 per pound
Good source of  protein.

 Canned salmon, $0.75 per serving, about $1.50 per can
 Omega-3-packed  protein power.

 Canned tuna, $0.75 cents, about $1.50 per can
Omega-3 packed protein

 Whey protein, $0.75 cents per scoop, about $40 per 3 lb container. I love Isopure Carb free! 210 calories to 50 grams of protein!


Grapes, $0.75 per 1 cup serving, about $1.50 per pound
These sweet little treats are high in antioxidants, which may help reduce cholesterol.

 Apples, about $0.50 to $0.75 per apple (depending on variety)
Vitamin C and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

 Bananas, $0.20 to $0.50 per banana, about $0.60 per pound or $2 per bunch
 Filled with fiber and potassium.

 Kiwi, about $0.40 per kiwi
Fun fact: Kiwi’s are actually berries and are filled with vitamin C and fiber.

Cantaloupe, $0.50 per ½ cup serving, about $3 per small melon

Watermelon, $0.30 per 1 cup serving, $5 per melon
Filled with vitamin C — a cancer-fighting antioxidant that helps strengthen immunity and promote bone health.

Pears, $0.85 each, about $1.75 per pound (depending on variety)
They’re also full o’ fiber and may help prevent strokes.

Oranges, $0.50 each, about $1 per pound (in family-sized pack)
Oranges aren't just about their vitamin C. This citrus fruit is also filled with fiber, folate, and potassium.


Sweet potatoes, $0.50 each, about $1 per pound

These have high levels of vitamin A, contains beta-carotene (which may help prevent cancer and protect us from the sun) and also helps keep that skin silky smooth.

Garlic, about $0.30 per bulb
It’s full of antioxidants to promote heart health and reduce the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Canned pumpkin, $0.75 per ½ cup serving, about $2.50 per 15oz can
Has powerful antioxidant properties

Canned tomatoes (Diced), $0.50 per ½ cup serving, about $1.80 per 14.8 oz can
To really get a bang for that buck, go the canned route. Canned tomatoes are perfect for homemade sauces and stews. Tomatoes also contain exceptional amounts of the antioxidant lycopene that remains in the flesh even after cooking and canning. Just keep on the lookout for cans with no sodium added.

Onions, $0.18 each, about $0.59 per pound
Onions have a hefty dose of antioxidants

Winter squash (acorn, butternut, etc.), $0.50 per ½ cup serving, about $1.50 a pound
Squash is filled with vitamins, fiber, and potassium.

 Kale, $0.50 per cup (raw, chopped), about $2 per bunch
Kale is the antioxidant king among all fruits and veggies, and contains vitamins A, C, and K, fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium  Plus... kale chips. YUM!

Broccoli, $0.50 per ½ cup serving, $2 per bunch
 Broccoli has remarkably high levels of folate and vitamin C, which may help reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.

 Edamame, $0.50 per ½ cup serving, $3 per 10oz package (frozen)
Fiber and protein

Spinach, $0.50 per cup (raw), about $2 per bunch
They’re nutrient dense with vitamin A, K, and calcium.

 Carrots, $0.50 each, about $2 per pound
 Carrots are filled of vitamin A.

 Beets, $0.35 each, about $1 per pound
There are filled with betalains, which may help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases. They are also packed with folate, fiber, and vitamins.


Wholegrain pasta, $0.37 cents per ½ cup serving, about $3 per box Move over, white stuff; the whole wheat version of pasta is full of fiber, antioxidants, and protein, and may help lower risk of heart disease

 Brown rice, $0.18 per ¼ cup serving, about $2 per pound
The whole-grain version is full o’ fiber.

 Popcorn, $0.30 per ½ cup serving, about $1 per pound for plain kernels

Quinoa, $0.60 per ¼ cup serving, about $4 per box It may be hard to pronounce (that’s keen-wah), but it’s filled with protein and fiber, this super food also contains nine essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce on their own.


Low-fat milk, $0.25 cents per cup, about $4 per gallon

Low-fat yogurt, about $1 per 6 oz cup

Low-fat cottage cheese, $0.88 per 1/2 cup serving, about $3.50 per 16 oz container

DRINKS (no sodas)

Water, free. (Well, kind of.)
Head to the nearest faucet — our bodies depend on it. Water keeps us hydrated, flushes out toxins in the body, and helps when trying to lose a few pesky pounds.

  Tea, $0.10 per tea bag, about $5 a box (varies based on type)
Has antioxidant powers to helping maintain a healthy weight.

Coffee, $0.40 per 16 oz cup (brewed), about $10 per pound
Contains antioxidants to help protect the heart, and is a great pre-workout fuel to help increase endurance.

Have a very fit day!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Work out for Beginners

Never worked out or just beginning?  Working out can be very scary especially if you over do yourself the first day/week.  Here is a quick work out plan to help you begin your quest to being a very fit you!

Make sure you warm up for 5ish mins before you do this.  Go for a walk or jog in place and remember to stretch when you are done. Stretching will help your muscles not be as sore and will increase your flexibility. Need help stretching check out this post on stretching

Have a very fit day!

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Have a very fit day!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Work out Nutrition the Ultimate Guide

100 pushups

So I ran across this site that has an app to help you get really good at push ups   Why would you do this? You make ask.  Well because push ups work a lot of your upper body muscles and more muscles means more calories burned when you are resting,  This program will help you increase your upper body and core strength.

Have a very fit day!