Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Years Resolution Challenge

Ready for the New Year?  Want to start a challenge that will keep you motivated not just the first month but ALL YEAR LONG!

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Whats the challenge?  Well that is up to you!  It is your resolution!

Step one:  Choose your resolution: ie: begin a workout program like one of the programs offered at Beachbody; decide on a gym routine; start couch potato to 5k (10k etc); walk/run/elliptical with a at home routine.. you get the picture right? if you need help message me and i will be happy to help!

Step two: Post about your resolution on Jan 1st in Fitness with Jamies Private Challenge Group

Step three: Post every work out to keep yourself motivated

Step four:
Help encourage others!

Step five: eat healthy! (it doesn't matter how much you work out, if your eat crappy!) Post one healthy thing you eat a day!


So who is in???

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November Squat / Push-Up Challenge

For those of you that have asked what the November Challenge is..... it is Squats and Push ups!

By the end of the month you will notice a change in your ENTIRE body!

I will give you the calendar in a few, but first, let's go over Squats! For regular squats, make sure you are on your heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes when you are in the squat position).  You should almost feel like you are going to fall over.  Doing this works those glutes and protects your knees! Here are some images:



Sumo style (to work your inner thighs)  There you want to keep your back straight as if you are standing against a wall. In fact stand against a wall while doing them to do them correctly!

Now on to push ups which have a lot of variety you can choose from.   Have fun with this, mix it up, push yourself, work those areas you know you need work in (mine is triceps)

Wall Push ups:

While on the floor, always start with on toes, then go to knees if too much!


Correct Form!


This one you can also lift one leg while on toes. This shows you the knee version.

So lots of variety!  Mix it up, have fun!  Now here is your schedule!

Private Challenge Group to post your progress: https://www.facebook.com/groups/278170215715938/ 

Whose in?

Have a fit day! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

September Yoga challenge

Since we kicked our own bums with squats and planks during August, I thought we would do a lite yoga in September.

super easy. Pick at least 2 poses to do daily. Hold for 30 seconds to a min.  If it is a pose like #1. Then do both sides of your body!  Easy  peasy right??

Join our Challenge group to keep you motivated: Fitness with Jamie - Private Challenge Group

Whose in?

Have a fit day! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Cize Hold Your Own review

This morning I was running late, due to snuggles with little bit, so we opted for a shorter video, "Hold Your Own" which is basically Shaun T. teaching you some moves you can do at a club or party. It was fun, nothing major, I am sure if I repeated it, my heart rate would have gone up a bit. I went for a run after this. I am sore from the first week of doing the videos. Sore in random places that apparently Insanity max 30 does not touch, so this has been a good change.

Definitely not a high intense work out for today, around 16 mins. He teaches you  moves, builds up until you just repeat the routine. Today there was no Cize it up :( which made me sad, because my fave part is doing it to the music. It was still fun and it is great if you do not have much time but want to get in a small work out!

My video Review:https://youtu.be/rmAoeyXZ3lQ

Get your own at www.beachbodycoach.com/jlgray22

Have a fit day! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cize You got this and Crazy Abs review

I've done both of these (you got this and crazy abs) twice now!  I woke up this morning after round one yesterday sore!  Was not expecting that at all!  I mean I sweat like crazy during you got this but never felt a burn and never was out of breath. Now crazy abs, definitely had me burning, sweating and breathing hard since you work everything and I get to enjoy mine with a toddler on top of me for extra resistance. My abductors are sore today. When doing "you got this" today I felt the muscles I worked yesterday. Not only is this work out fun, literally I smile the whole time, but it's a good work out without realizing now you are working out.  Which for me is new with Shaun T. I'm used to him kicking my butt and me screaming at the tv. Now I just want more.  You don't even realize the clock is there. When I looked to see how much time was left over 30 mins had passed and I didn't realize it. You are so focused on learning the routines that you ignore the clock and time passes super fast! 
I did Cize it up after I finished You got this, then did Crazt abs then cooled down. Even the cool down is fun!

for crazy abs, you do versions of ab work  and plank work then you do it all to LL Cool J.  So even that is to music and fun!  So far I'm throughly impressed with this program

Here is my video review: https://youtu.be/n4UrjfOKqas

Get your own at www.beachbodycoach.com/jlgray22

Have a fit day! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Cize Full Out review

Today's video was fun!  I skipped the 2nd level one and went to level 2,  I chose to move up to level because I only had 40ish minutes. I am so glad u did it!

My video review is here: https://youtu.be/BbKLJ-14H-A

It was so much fun and dancing to Destiny's Child "Lose My Breath" made me feel like a back up dancer!  You move the entire time. The moves work your core, legs and arms! It was awesome!  Shaun T. does such a great job at teaching you the routine and keeps it light and fun!

I did not feel like I was working out at ALL. I felt like i was dancing with friends. It was good to see Tania in the videos. I mean I have worked out with her through Insanity and T25 so a friendly face made it all the better!  I am super excited for this program. I do see my throwing in some hard hitting ones like my Insanity 30,  I finished sweaty but not drained. I actually went for a run after. This work out is definitely a way to begin your day on the right foot!

Get your own at www.beachbodycoach.com/jlgray22

Have a fit day!