Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Piyo Core review

Piyo core, wow, it was 30 mins of hitting every core muscle, without realizing you were. Everything was dynamic moves. Anyone with wrist injuries or back injuries probably would not be a good fit for this program. You are in varieties of plank, downward dog, and other yoga/pilates positions throughout this work out.   I felt this was a challenge, but I am not sore at the moment, in my core, my shoulders and arms are sore, but I am sure tomorrow I will feel differently. update:  I am sore 5 hours later in my core.. YIKES!

My video review is here: Piyo Core Review

I already within a week and a half, feel like I have slendered down. My body feels stronger and sleeker, like a ballet dancer. I am still feeling this is a good program for those who have already lost the weight they want, and just want to tone. I am not sure how it would be for someone who say needs to lose 50 lbs. My guess, is you would need to do the modifications and even that may still be a little difficult. You also may not see the "loss" in the time that you would want too. I know many who lose motivation without seeing results quickly, I feel like this program is a slow and steady results program.

I have also been combining the upper and lower body days, and doing both videos on those days, for an extra work out, as I need more than 2/25 mins a day.

 Once I get to the next new video I will review that as well .

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Piyo sweat review

Today I did piyo sweat and I did sweat! It was a sweat from muscles being used not sweat from cardio. It was awesome. There were tons of push-ups, squats, dynamic yoga and Pilates moves.  Lots of stretching and strength!   36ish mins that went by quick.  I will say I am sore from the past 3 days. My hips, shoulders and knees feel all I have been doing, which is huge for me as I have been doing insanity lately, and haven't been sore from insanity. So this program is definitely working muscles that need to be worked. 

My video review is here:

Next review will be next week for "core" so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Piyo - Define: Upper Body

Piyo Upper Body was only 20 mins, so it was over before you knew it. I almost want to double up on the Lower Body and Upper Body work out days, as it doesn't seem like enough, though I am sore from yesterdays Lower Body.

Upper Body was a lot of core, plank, push-up work.  I can totally see why it will define my upper body! Just wish it had a little cardio added. Tomorrow is Sweat so I am looking forward to the 35 mins of cardio!  I do love my cardio, but am happy with the strength training I am getting from Upper and Lower body.  I mean who doesn't want sexy arms

My video review is here 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Piyo - Lower Body ( and a little Fundamentals)

I started Piyo yesterday, with Fundamentals. Which was a great review of moves.  Chalene went through most of the moves she will be using in the Piyo work outs to make sure you know how to do them correctly. How great is that???  I love that she wants to make sure you know how to do things properly, so A. you get the most of her work outs and B. you do not hurt yourself doing it wrong.   It was 40 mins and really really slow, but was good to see the moves, even if I knew most of them!

So today was really the beginning. And it was a really good beginning. Today's work out was Define: Lower Body. It was less than 30 mins but when I ended and even now an hour later I can still feel the muscles that were worked (and not just lower body muscles). It was very intense yoga work out essentially. Lots of warrior poses, downward dog, half moon, things like that. Mine was taken up a notch, as my 8 month old used me to pull up as I was in plank and downward dog positions.  Good thing I like the extra challenge! The great thing is, you control how much of a stretch/workout you get. Chalene challenges you to go beyond your limits, so you get the most of of this. Boy did I go past my limits. I was shaking!  I am excited for tomorrows Upper Body work out. Everything was low impact and there is a modifier to help those who are beginners. I was happy to see I did not need to modify!  Makes me happy my core is getting back in shape after having the little one.

I definitely did not get my heart rate up but I did get a good work out and I feel stronger. I am excited to see what results I get from this program and excited to share them with you, as well!

Here is today's video review (a special appearance from the little is in there as well)

So far, I am enjoying this, though am ready for this weeks "sweat" video, as well I like cardio!

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Have you tried Piyo yet?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Obesity does not happen overnight

Warning this is a very very powerful video:

Rewind the Future Video

Fitness starts at home and at birth, but it is never too late to change. No matter how your parents ate, you can change your habits NOW.  No matter how you have been eating in your family and with your children, you can change your habits NOW.

YOU are in control of your life, and if you have children, YOU are in control on setting them up for their lives. It is never too late to change. Set them and yourself up with good eating habits. Choose fruit over french fries. Teach them (and if needed yourself) to cook  at home and make healthy meals. Teach them to exercise by you exercising.  Get outside, enjoy fresh air, get away from the tv, video games and computers.

Be the example you want to set for your children, nieces, nephews, friends etc. Healthy lifestyle starts with YOU. BE a GOOD EXAMPLE!  Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and processed foods.  Encourage your family to cook together and from scratch. Nothing is better than freshly made bread, sauces, etc. The flavors excite every taste bud and you get exercise while cooking, AND you feel so accomplished.


Remember, obesity does not happen over night, and you cannot loose it over night either.

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How are some ways that you live a healthy lifestyle?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Move Your Body September

Fitness with Jamie is hosting a "Move Your Body September" event.

What does that mean?  Well it means you are trying to hit or exceed the goal of moving your body for 900 mins (15 hours) for the month of September.  Sounds like a lot?  Think of it this way, it is 30 mins a day for 30 days. See not so bad right? RIGHT!  So how do you move your body?  That my friend is up to you. You can dance, walk, run, bike, swim, kickbox, crossfit, work out video, clean the house, do the yard, go to the gym, whatever you do just move your body and get that heart pumping!  Easy right?

Log your progress on the  "Move Your Body September" event. Cheer on others and feel empowered!  Move your body to be a healthier you!

Looking forward to seeing all your comments and progress!

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Have a very fit day!