Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November Squat / Push-Up Challenge

For those of you that have asked what the November Challenge is..... it is Squats and Push ups!

By the end of the month you will notice a change in your ENTIRE body!

I will give you the calendar in a few, but first, let's go over Squats! For regular squats, make sure you are on your heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes when you are in the squat position).  You should almost feel like you are going to fall over.  Doing this works those glutes and protects your knees! Here are some images:



Sumo style (to work your inner thighs)  There you want to keep your back straight as if you are standing against a wall. In fact stand against a wall while doing them to do them correctly!

Now on to push ups which have a lot of variety you can choose from.   Have fun with this, mix it up, push yourself, work those areas you know you need work in (mine is triceps)

Wall Push ups:

While on the floor, always start with on toes, then go to knees if too much!


Correct Form!


This one you can also lift one leg while on toes. This shows you the knee version.

So lots of variety!  Mix it up, have fun!  Now here is your schedule!

Private Challenge Group to post your progress: 

Whose in?

Have a fit day! 

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