Sunday, September 16, 2012

Insanity part deux plus the 99-workout

So today I took my third fit test. No improvement, in fact did slightly worse on a few items, well a couple. Not sure if I just killed it the first time, with slight improvement in round 2 on some which resulted in I cannot go much higher or if it was Shaun T.'s way of making me more motivated to get through today's killer hour workout after taking the fit test for about an hour and a half of pure cardio interval training. But wow am I exhausted. Limbs are shaky and weak, my shins are sore. My core is already sore. Now I see why we did a week of core training. Today's max Interval training was lots of core! I even cried a little at one point, yeah weak I know but it's hard to keep motivated to push through this workout with no one else doing it with you. I literally cried, because i was hurting, out of breath and was not sure if I could keep going. Not one of my finer moments but it happened and I am sharing.

Working out will not always be easy. In fact sometimes it will suck, even if you love the exercise. Today had tons of kickboxing moves which I love!!!!! But wow that work out was not for the weak. It required strong core, strong legs and strong upper body. It's the upper body that did me in. Wow. Tough. But I did it! And I get to do it again and again over the next 4 weeks.

Today find an exercise that challenges you; whether it be running, bootcamp, Zumba, or (you get the picture). Just do something that challenges you, then revel in the fact you pushed through and did it. By doing that, you workout your mind, body and soul!

Leaving you with a workout

Have a very fit day!

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