Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby weight gone!

On June 12th I hit my pre-pregnancy weight 6 and a half months after giving birth!  That is a HUGE feat, considering I gained 55 lbs with my sweet bundle of energy joy. I had told myself that it took 9 months to gain, that I had 9 months to get it off, so the fact it happened sooner, made me jump up and down and shout it out!  Am I back in my pre-pregnancy clothes???? For the most part yes. Just a few pants still do not fit just right, so I know I still have some ways to go. I still have a few more months before the 9 month goal hits. I like goals, so this doesn't bother me. I am back to being comfy walking around in shorts and a sports bra, and can see my abs again  YAY For ABS!!!!!!!  I never thought I would see those defined again.

I see these women who give birth and are suddenly back in shape. I think a few things
A. they do nothing but work out,
B. they have great genes and didn't gain that much weight or
C. are totally photo-shopping their pics.
I am none of the above. I lost my weight by, not eating so much ice cream and pizza (that is hard for me, but made a little easier since the lil' seems to have a reaction to lactose in my milk, so ice cream is low on my eating list these days), and working out.

How do I work out with a wee one at home and working full time, you ask.  Well a few things.

I started the 2nd week after birth walking, then running when I felt up to it on our walks. By 5 weeks post-partum I started back doing Insanity videos as well as doing our walk/run daily. (since I was still on maternity leave and had more free time). Since I had free time (like those lucky women I mentioned above) I was able to do 4- 5 mile walks/runs daily. I would even swing by Publix and pick up groceries, since it was on our way. That got me further down but still no where near my pre-pregnancy weight by the 12 week mark.  At 12 weeks, that was a little more difficult. I was back working full time, I have a little one who hates a bottle so cluster feeds his "booby" at night. I was getting very little sleep. But I still dragged myself out of bed. and did my work out videos at home. I was doing T25 which I love love love, but then 21 day fix came out. I thought, why not try this one? so I did.. 30 mins or less a day, 7 days a week, it hits every body part you have and includes, cardio, weights, yoga and pilates!  What's not to love about all of those in one work out program? So every day I drag myself out of bed. Some mornings the little one sleeps through it, other mornings he cheers me on. Those days are awesome!  Nothing like having a cheerleader while working out. So I at least get in 30 mins a day. Then 3 days a week, I walk the little one too and from school (half mile each way). On the trip back in the mornings and back in the evenings I run. On the days that we leave early enough I get in an extra 2-5 mile walk/run in. Now that summer has hit FL, I am doing lots of swimming and will be switching to an inside bike instead of running, though will keep walking little one too and from school (he loves it and so do I since he is up in a ring sling). So that is my working out.  If you can get in 3 to 4 days of working out, 30 mins at a time, you are doing good!  Do not forget to add in weights with your cardio, weights are good!  Weights help you gain muscle that in turns burns more fat.  Now on to food, as the kitchen is really more than half your battle in losing or maintaining weight.

21 day fix comes with a meal plan and containers to help you portion control. Portion control isn't an issue for me most of the time, and at the moment since I am still breastfeeding, I cannot really cut my calories (though I am burning around an extra 500 a day from breastfeeding, so I like to think of this as my calorie cut). I chose the path of eating cleaner. As during my pregnancy I did not eat soo clean. (I blame the baby.. he is a piglet)  I went back to eating whole foods, fruits, veggies, lots of salads (not much dressing especially the fatty dressing, lots of balsamic vinegar/olive oil), making sure I eat coconut oil, avocados (good fats are really good for you and help aid in weight loss). I eat balanced, making sure I get protein in my diet (I am a pescatarian but rarely eat fish, so really have to try to make sure I eat enough beans, nuts and do my best to add in fish for protein) I also drink Shakeology every morning, which aids in getting protein and lots of veggies and fruits in my system first thing in the morning to help get my body started (eat breakfast!  its IMPORTANT!!!) and carbs. I know some people are against carbs but your body needs fuel and carbs are fuel. Also, I eat the most during the day, and eat a light dinner, sometimes I even drink  a Shakeology drink at night, loads me up with what my body needs but is light and easily digestible. My meals are small, but I eat every 2 to 3 hours, with my last meal being around 6 pm, that way it gives me time to digest before I lay down to sleep.  (I go to bed early, laugh at me if you want, I am okay with it.)  Just make sure you eat 3 hours before you go to bed, to give you time to digest your food. Water.. drink LOTS of water!  I go through SOOOOOO much water a day. It is good for you, it keeps you hydrated so you do not think you are hungry when you are really just thirsty, it flushes toxins and so much more. Water is your friend!

Lastly, do not be sad if the scale goes up, but your clothes loosen up. the scale is NOT your friend. The scale does not take into consideration your muscle mass. Get a tape measure and measure your, arms, legs, waist, hips and bum. Take measurements every 30 days as well as pics front, side and back every 30 days so that you can see your improvement.

So a recap:
Work out
Watch what  and how you eat
Drink water
Do not watch the scale.. the scale lies!

Easy right? You can do this!! You really can!!!  Believe in yourself!

As always I am here to be your cheerleader, coach, mentor, friend etc!  I want to help you, so let me!  I still have a little more defining to go, but am very pleased with my progress and would love love to have you along side me in my fitness journey. In turn I would love love love to be involved with your fitness journey. So let me help you!

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Have a very fit day!

If you want to see before/after pics, just out this post

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