Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Before and still working on it pics

I promised you guys pics of my progress in this post

I took a pic on 2/27 when I took the "March" pic and took my "June pic" May 27th
Since "March"  
I've lost 
14 pounds 
2 inches in my arms and legs
5 inches in waist
6 inches in hips 
7 inches in bum :-)

The main work out I have been doing since my April 2nd post is 21 day Fix along with walking and running, as well as a lot more that I talk about in the June 19th post.

When I took my "before" pics, I waited 3 months to do so. At that point, I was still on maternity leave and doing the best I could to work out as much as possible. I felt like the weight would never come off.  It wasn't about the weight as much as it was about feeling like me again. My entire body had been JB's for the past year. Everything I did, was for him. To keep him safe, and full of nutrients and some times a little lot of ice cream and pizza.. mmm pizza. As much as I made sure I ate well, those two things were definitely my downfall. So fast forward to the baby, now he is here, and I want to eat much better (no little ice cream, and less pizza, I cannot give up pizza). I still wasn't comfortable in my own skin, which is why it took me so long to take my "before" pics. 

Luckily I have a very supportive husband who would constantly tell me I looked great, and assure me I would get back to myself before long and who supports me in having time to work out. This definitely helped, in me not taking short cuts or going to the extreme. Slow and steady wins the race, right?  I believe so. Short cuts, do not work for the long term, and aid in the yo yo effect, which I want nothing to do with. Anyone I have ever known who has lost weight via a short cut gains it back tenfold!  who wants that?? Not I, not I.

No matter your size or fitness level, be comfortable in your skin. Be confident in you.  You are beautiful! You are a work in progress. Every day you have the chance to make yourself who you want to be (or stay)  Every day I tell myself that. You are what you believe.  Believe in yourself!  Know you can be whoever you want, and nothing is out of reach. If you slack off, and lay in bed/couch for a day, week, month, know that you can always begin again. Now if you do not like starting back up, then don't quit. Make a daily, every other day, whatever fits your schedule, appt with yourself to work out. When eating, make that healthier choice. Once you get into the habit of ordering fruit instead of fries, you will no longer want or even crave the fries. Fries will no longer be a viable option for you. You will search the menu at a restaurant for a healthier choice, even when the fried, buttery, (insert your fave bad bad food) on the menu. Your new fave food will be a healthier item, that will be the one you crave. This doesn't happen over night, but eventually you will get there. (I promise, trust me, I never thought I would give up fries but now I get a little irritated if fruit is not an option). I look for the spinach salad on the menu now. Ps greens are good for you. Watch this "How Much Do You Eat In A Week?"  I talk about it in this post. Watch it and let us know how well you eat!  Would love to hear!

No matter where you are beginning or starting over, know that there are tons of us out there chugging along right beside you. You are never alone in your fitness journey, or healthy lifestyle!  

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Have a very fit day!

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