Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How much do you eat in a week?

I want  you to watch this "How Much Do You Eat In A Week?"

Now, think about how much you eat.  Track it for a week, think about laying it out on a table. Really visualize what you eat and drink. Would you be as shocked as these people were?  Where do you think you rate in eating healthy?

I sometimes laugh at myself, because I go through easily a bag of salad a day. That is what I take to work. Then I come home and usually eat another salad for dinner. I love it, my body craves the green. Now I am not talking about a salad filled with ranch dressing, and every unhealthy item you can put on it (some days that is what my husbands salads look like sadly) If I can remember I will bring some almonds and cranberries to top it with, a few croutons because I love the crunch and a healthier salad dressing or just some balsmasic vinegar and olive oil. If I am home, I will make a fish fillet to add on top, but at the office I am limited.   For breakfast, scrambled eggs, sometimes if I feel like I need extra carbs I will make a breakfast taco. Then i start on my eating salad kick, sometimes I go through 2 bags a day. I eat about every 2 hours a small bowl (about a cup of salad). My body never feels hungry or overly full. I am quite satisfied all day. Now if I run out of salad before 3, then by the time I get home I am STARVING and that is never good. Even with all of that, I am not sure how my week would look. I am not sure if I would be one of those people who think I am a very healthy eater, and in reality am shocked at the food laid out. If I look at my food diary, I like to think I would not be so shocked. On paper, I look like I eat well. And I feel like I look like I eat well.

So try it for one week, mark down everything in your mouth. Every drink, every m & m, every thing that you put in your mouth, including water and let us know how you did!

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Have a very fit day!

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