Thursday, July 10, 2014

Commitment to YOU

We live in a world full of commitments. We are committed to our families, work, friends, social obligations (church, charity organizations, leadership organizations etc.)  Sometimes the one commitment we forget about is ourselves. If we do not take care of ourselves, then how can we take care of others. Make a commitment to yourself to take time for yourself. Even if it is 15 mins before the kids wake or after the go to bed. Use that time to meditate, do yoga, do a quick work out.

A great idea is to incorporate exercise into your life, whether with friends, kids or significant other.   I do it with my little one. He plays in his bouncer while I work out, or I take him for a run in the jogging stroller.
Another idea is to cook at  home, and I know this is sometimes hard if you work late, but if you prep ahead of time, it will make cooking daily much easier. On Sunday or Saturday, make it a family event, go to a local produce/farmers market, come home, and cut up any veggies, measure things out, put things in containers, and basically have everything ready to cook. This will help with both dinner, but for lunch and even breakfast as well.

Breakfast is important, if it is hard for you to get moving in the mornings, then choose something easy, like Shakeology shake, yogurt, eggs, homemade protein bars , you could even do crockpot oatmeal or other crock pot breakfast meals so make it easy.

Next is lunch. It is easy to "forget" your lunch and eat out with co-workers. A trick I do, is either bring in leftovers from the night before, or I grab a bag of salad mix (yes I will eat the entire bag and sometimes two throughout the day) or if you have to eat out, choose somewhere that has healthy options like Panera or a local salad restaurant (we have TossGreen, check out their site, lots of yummy healthy choices). But really really try to bring things in from home.

Snacks, you can be like me and eat salad all day ( I literally eat every 2 to 3 hours) or bring in healthy snacks, those homemade protein bars, cheese, nuts, yogurt. You want something healthy and that will keep you from wanting to eat that cake that your food pushing co-worker brings in.

Next is your pantry, if you have a roommate or significant other that eats badly, this will be hard, but try to keep only healthy options in the pantry and fridge. If the bad things are not there you will not be tempted. My husband teases me that he is just helping me learn self control. I fail at this some days, but other days I win and I love those days!

With just a little bit of adjustment, you can commit to turn your life into a healthy lifestyle. Do it in small pieces, and you will be amazed at how easy it is, and how you can improve each week on your commitment to yourself!

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Have a very fit day!

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