Monday, August 10, 2015

Cize Hold Your Own review

This morning I was running late, due to snuggles with little bit, so we opted for a shorter video, "Hold Your Own" which is basically Shaun T. teaching you some moves you can do at a club or party. It was fun, nothing major, I am sure if I repeated it, my heart rate would have gone up a bit. I went for a run after this. I am sore from the first week of doing the videos. Sore in random places that apparently Insanity max 30 does not touch, so this has been a good change.

Definitely not a high intense work out for today, around 16 mins. He teaches you  moves, builds up until you just repeat the routine. Today there was no Cize it up :( which made me sad, because my fave part is doing it to the music. It was still fun and it is great if you do not have much time but want to get in a small work out!

My video Review:

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