Friday, August 7, 2015

Cize Full Out review

Today's video was fun!  I skipped the 2nd level one and went to level 2,  I chose to move up to level because I only had 40ish minutes. I am so glad u did it!

My video review is here:

It was so much fun and dancing to Destiny's Child "Lose My Breath" made me feel like a back up dancer!  You move the entire time. The moves work your core, legs and arms! It was awesome!  Shaun T. does such a great job at teaching you the routine and keeps it light and fun!

I did not feel like I was working out at ALL. I felt like i was dancing with friends. It was good to see Tania in the videos. I mean I have worked out with her through Insanity and T25 so a friendly face made it all the better!  I am super excited for this program. I do see my throwing in some hard hitting ones like my Insanity 30,  I finished sweaty but not drained. I actually went for a run after. This work out is definitely a way to begin your day on the right foot!

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Have a fit day! 

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