Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cize You got this and Crazy Abs review

I've done both of these (you got this and crazy abs) twice now!  I woke up this morning after round one yesterday sore!  Was not expecting that at all!  I mean I sweat like crazy during you got this but never felt a burn and never was out of breath. Now crazy abs, definitely had me burning, sweating and breathing hard since you work everything and I get to enjoy mine with a toddler on top of me for extra resistance. My abductors are sore today. When doing "you got this" today I felt the muscles I worked yesterday. Not only is this work out fun, literally I smile the whole time, but it's a good work out without realizing now you are working out.  Which for me is new with Shaun T. I'm used to him kicking my butt and me screaming at the tv. Now I just want more.  You don't even realize the clock is there. When I looked to see how much time was left over 30 mins had passed and I didn't realize it. You are so focused on learning the routines that you ignore the clock and time passes super fast! 
I did Cize it up after I finished You got this, then did Crazt abs then cooled down. Even the cool down is fun!

for crazy abs, you do versions of ab work  and plank work then you do it all to LL Cool J.  So even that is to music and fun!  So far I'm throughly impressed with this program

Here is my video review:

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