Saturday, April 28, 2012

Challenging yourself

Today I completed my first mud run. It was challenging; it took endurance, strength and my brain; it pushed me outside my comfort zone (made me realize I'm a princess runner not a rugged or beach runner); but it made me do things like crawl through muddy pits that I would never do on my own.
Wow those woods and sand kicked my butt. I am happy to say even though I hate high knees, I am very proud that I make myself do them daily as they helped in the mud and water. It was like like i was touching the surface and I would pop back up that other knee. Without challenging myself with high knees those obstacles would have been very difficult. I loved all the climbing obstacles and though I thought I would not I loved the last water hole obstacle. The water was a greenish blue so I'm sure recently treated with something, so sort of clean, but it was nice and cool. Oh did it feel good. It made the whole course worth it.
I almost did not go, as everyone bailed on signing up and I was all alone. I challenged myself to go anyway. So I went and met a nice new friend which is always a win. It was a good morning and one I would not have had, if I had listened to evil Jamie and stayed home and clean.

So today's moral push yourself because you are stronger than you realize. Challenge yourself to try new uncomfortable things and smile when you accomplish them, because you will!

I am leaving you with a home boot camp workout hope you like it! Have a very fit day!

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