Monday, April 30, 2012


Discipline, Drive, and Determination

Were you thinking D D D. meant something else like designated drunk driver? No silly. Those are three words that you must live and breathe if you want to lose weight and keep it off.
Discipline- you must dedicate the time. You must be willing to have the discipline to say no to a happy hour if you did not work out that morning. You must say no to that extra cookie even if everyone else is having one. It is not easy.

Discipline is hard work but becomes more simple as you become adjusted to your new lifestyle

Drive-. You must have the drive to keep pushing through even when tired, sore, out of breath, thinking you may die, and just plain do not want too. Your drive pushes you through and is connected to discipline and requires determination.

Determination is what pushes you through to your end goal. It keeps you following your new lifestyle long after you have reached your goal weight and helps you not freak out if you fluctuate some.

All are hard and all take you being stubborn! Sometimes you get flustered but push on. It's worth the hard work in the end.

I am very dedicated and driven to working out. I work out at least 45 mins every day as soon as I wake up ( can't give my mind enough time to realize what I'm doing). It's done and I know exactly how many calories I can eat. But, my determination, drive and discipline must kick in as I cannot eat cookies and cake daily even if they fit in my budget. I need to put in good calories. Or else I end up in the position I am in today. My bridesmaid dress is snug. Fits but snug I have gained 5ish lbs since my fitting. Muscle for the most part but. I am sure those twix I have been enjoying lately have contributed a tad bit to my slight increase in weight. The rational me. Says ' it's that time of the month, you still fit in it, you look good'. The irrational ' omg I am gaining weight I must work out more. Must stop eating everything in sight.'. Lol I think I must have the irrational me so I can push myself. My irrational me is my DDD. So find your motivation or irrational self and keep pushing on. You can do it!

I leave you with a work out :-). Have a great fit day!

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