Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am a slacker and running tips

Wow I have been slacking on you guys. I am so sorry.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  I finished Insanity and actually miss it.  I have begun incorporating some of the videos into my regular routine and have started running again.. OH how I missed running.   Now it take a lot for me to talk myself into lacing up those shoes and really getting out the door.  I can talk myself out of running any day of the week, but oh what accomplishments I feel when I get out there and just do it.   The weather in the south has been perfect for running.  Low humidity, nice cool breeze.  PERFECT!

Here are some tips for you running beginners

1.  Get the right pair of shoes.  Find a pair that fits your foot and the surface you run on.  Your gym/ shoes probably are not going to cut it.  The right pair of shoes helps with shin splints and joint aches.  Go to a local running store and get help (you can always buy the shoes they recommend on amazon or another cheaper store).  I also look at reviews of the shoes before I buy them and this has always worked well for me.  Also remember to buy a size larger than your normal shoes and your feet swell while running!

2.  Do a cool up and warm down and STRETCH!  I know this seems like basic stuff but you cannot just walk out the door and go into a run.  If you do, you will surely injure yourself.  Start with a  min warm up brisk walk and stretch a little then start your run. At the end, cool down with a brisk walk, do some push ups, and stretch!

3. Use proper upper body form - do not clench your fists, keep your hands at hip level and at 90 degree angle.  Use good posture (head up, back straight)

4. Do not think so much about your pace.  In the beginning you should be able to talk and run at the same time (I know easier said than done) but keep your pace light, speed up when you think you can, ease back down when you need too, just keep running.  It is not a race and you will speed up over time and with practice.

5. Run/walk some people need to do the run/walk approach. Try couch potato to 5k program  it is a fabulous program and will have you running in no time at all.

6. Start off slowly Do not do too much to soon.  I know you are eager, but running  5 miles out the gate is a bit much for your body to handle, start off slowly and build up. Listen to your body.

7. Breathe through nose and mouth - Some new runners assume they should breathe in only through their nose. You actually want to breathe in through your nose and mouth to make sure you're getting enough oxygen to your muscles while running. Taking deep belly breaths can help prevent side cramps around your lungs.

8. Enjoy yourself - once you get into a rhythm, enjoy yourself.  Feel the blood rushing through your body and the accomplishment that you did it.. You got off the couch and are running!

Have a very fit day!

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