Saturday, November 16, 2013


I just finished my workout I am currently 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I finished my Les Mills Combat and Yoga Booty ballet baby on the way. Afterwards I sit on the couch and turn on the tv to catch my breath and alas 'Property Brothers' is on and it's the beginning my fave part.  As I sit here Waiting for his designs, a commercial comes on.  Not just one but a bunch.  I am a DVR girl. No time wasted while watching my shows.  So as i sit here watching nothingness.  It made me think of those who do this daily, yet claim they "have no time to work out" ummm yes you do, it is staring its nothingness in your face, seriously, in your face!  

Why not get up and work out?  I am sure I have written previous post(s) on this, but this is such a great way to work out and have tv.  During commericals, get up and do something. Make it fun, choose an exercise for a type of commercial. Write it down before you sit down and get the family or roommates involved.

Anything car related: burpees
Romance related: squats
Medical related: push-ups
Insurance related: sit-ups
Sports related: plank
TV show preview: jumping jacks

See where I am going with this??  Mix it up each night and keep track of the time you work out, if you have a stop watch.  You will be shocked at the amount of time you spent working out while watching tv.  If you do it with others you will get some laughs, good memories, along with the exercise! 

Start today!!!

Have a very fit day!


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