Friday, November 1, 2013

T25 Gamma Phase total review

T25 Gamma Phase total review

I just finished my last day of the Gamma Phase and am 9 months/38 weeks and one day pregnant which means I am about to have this child at any moment. I was very happy that the last two days of the phase I was able to do my favorite videos, (Pyramid and Extreme Circuit) those both make me super happy, as by the time you think you can do no more, you are done!

This entire phase has been amazing for me to do while pregnant. I thought it might be too much but it was not. I did have to modify as the jumping is too much for me, but the weights were exactly what I needed. My arms toned up, which was what I was lacking. I wish I had 4 more weeks to do the gamma phase again. I am going to continue doing it up until the baby comes, in hopes that I can sustain my arms through the no work out during my post partum phase.

If you are a beginner or advanced work out person, T25 will fit your needs. In Alpha if you need more, you can always add another work out. I found Beta and Gamma to be enough, but again I am pregnant so I was purposely keeping my work outs under 30 mins most days. Though Fridays in Alpha and Beta were an hour, and I often would do a walk, run or bike ride if I had time. I also still worked out on Saturday on the off days. I also think the working out helped the baby. He seems to sleep through the night. which is nice. But I digress....

Gamma phase is focusing on strength and you definitely will get stronger especially if you push yourself and use heavier weights then you might have tried before. I only had a few options so me going with the heavier weight was the best option for me and it worked.   You still have a cardio aspect, so your heart is engaged. It is by far one of the best programs I have completed that  works your entire body and the gamma phase was my favorite phase of T25.

So if you are a beginner or someone who is advanced, and need a work out that is less than 30 mins, T25 is perfect for you!

Check it out, email me for questions. I am happy to answer them

Have a very fit day!

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