Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Piyo Core review

Piyo core, wow, it was 30 mins of hitting every core muscle, without realizing you were. Everything was dynamic moves. Anyone with wrist injuries or back injuries probably would not be a good fit for this program. You are in varieties of plank, downward dog, and other yoga/pilates positions throughout this work out.   I felt this was a challenge, but I am not sore at the moment, in my core, my shoulders and arms are sore, but I am sure tomorrow I will feel differently. update:  I am sore 5 hours later in my core.. YIKES!

My video review is here: Piyo Core Review

I already within a week and a half, feel like I have slendered down. My body feels stronger and sleeker, like a ballet dancer. I am still feeling this is a good program for those who have already lost the weight they want, and just want to tone. I am not sure how it would be for someone who say needs to lose 50 lbs. My guess, is you would need to do the modifications and even that may still be a little difficult. You also may not see the "loss" in the time that you would want too. I know many who lose motivation without seeing results quickly, I feel like this program is a slow and steady results program.

I have also been combining the upper and lower body days, and doing both videos on those days, for an extra work out, as I need more than 2/25 mins a day.

 Once I get to the next new video I will review that as well .

Have you tried Piyo yet?

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