Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I keep hearing about CLA and how it aids with weight loss.  I was even told by my personal trainer that it helps with the belly fat area especially if you keep it in the freezer so when ingested it slowly releases. WebMD has a good article on it.

I do not have much belly fat, so not sure if I am the best person to take this and see if it works, but my fiance has started taking it, along with his work out regimen, we shall see how it works for him.

I am all about the green vegetables   They give me energy and are low calories and fill me up.  I have keep slimming down so something is working and it is not the CLA since I just started taking that today.   Wedding dress here I come :D

Whatever you take or do not take, please make sure you exercise and eat right. There are no quick fixes to weight loss.  Weight control is a constant balance, and requires dedication and determination.

Good luck and have a very fit day!

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