Friday, January 18, 2013

Training for a mud run?

Mud runs are starting to catch on like fire.  They are fun, you get dirty and you push yourself to do things you would never do normally.  I think of them as an obstacle course for adults. I love love love them.  I have done an all women's and a coed mud run and both are fun.  The coed seems to be more challenging but all are great fun and even more fun when doing it with friends.  I have been  met some great people while doing them.  Most keep time, but really I think as long as you finish the course, who cares about your time!

If you want to start training Lozilu has a great couch to 5k plan that incorporates more than just running to help you get ready for those upper body obstacles.

Good luck and remember to have fun!!!

Have a very fit day!

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