Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Post Partum Progress report

I have had some people ask me to post my progress on my post-partum weight loss. I am not ready to share before/after pics yet but promise I will once I reach my goal!

When I gave birth I had reached 203 lbs (I gained 55 lbs total)  Yikes right?  I exercised every day, watched the calories I ate, but will admit I ate more ice cream and pizza than I probably should have. But it was oh soooo yummy!  So the baby comes and I lose 10 lbs pretty quickly. Week 2 post-partum I started walking every day for 30  mins- an hour depending on how I felt. By week 4 we were running part of that, and were up to doing 5-6 miles a day. The week of my 6 week check up I started doing T25 again. Once I was cleared, I started doing T25 and a walk/run every day. Weight was dropping off, at when I started back work at 12 weeks I was down to 175 lbs but wearing size 10 in pants. (luckily my tops and skirts still fit)  My goal at that point was to just get in my jeans. At this point I figured what was left was from my pizza and ice cream binge that I went on for 9 months. (don't' judge, It tasted yummy).  As well as working out I cleaned up my eating. I did not cut my calories since I am breastfeeding but I am eating cleaner. No fried foods, cutting bread intake, increased my green veggies, measuring out my food again, eating the right fats and proteins (avocado, coconut oil instead of butter, nuts) and drinking my Shakeology!.

On 2/27 I took pics and measurements, so that I could see the rest of my progress to my pre-pregnancy weight and size. At that point I was

Weighing in at 167,
Arms were 13.5 inches
Legs were 21 inches
waist was 33 inches
Hips were 41 inches

Since then I have worked out daily, T25 and insanity (more T25 than Insanity)  have been my main work outs up to a week ago when I started the 21 day fix.

Today (4/2) I took measurements again
Weight: 159 (whoo hoo in the 150's)
Arms: 12 inches
Legs: 20 inches
Waist 30 inches
Hips: 38 inches

And fitting in size 8's  this is with a week and a half off of working out due to being SICK!

I have scale and non-scale victories this week. I am so proud of what I have done so far and cannot wait to see how much farther I go in the next month!  The weight didn't get there over night, I have not given up my pizza completely but have cut it WAY down, and I have basically cut out my ice cream.

Progress may be slow but progress is progress. Losing weight/inches fast is never a good idea.  Usually losing it fast means a fad diet or the wrong way. Slow and steady means you are doing it right, you are making healthy lifestyle changes that you can continue with for your lifetime.

If you need help, contact me, I have been on this journey twice. Once from eating bad and not working out. 2nd time from pregnancy. Both times I have lost, the right way. I am happy to help you as well!

Contact me at: or Facebook at:

You are not alone and if I can do it, anyone can!
Have a very fit day!

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