Friday, July 6, 2012

Crash diets

I am not a fan of crash diets. They work for a short term but are not designed to be a lifestyle change. Want to lose weight? Then you will have to make lifestyle changes. I know that sounds horrible. No one likes change. But if you do it slowly then you can do this. Hello the weight didn't appear over night. So you are not going to lose over night either. Nor should you.

Start simple

- Walk every day for 30 mins.

- Cut out one bad food a week and replace it with something healthy. Mine was I cut french fries and ordered fruit instead. Rough choice but someone always ordered fries and would let me steal 5 and those 5 would be eaten slowly and truly appreciated.

- Eat breakfast!

- Once you start seeing some progress. Make your work outs harder. Do videos, start jogging. Increase your time of your work out or do two a day just keep that heart rate up.
Cut our alcohol it's horrible for you. If you have to have something drink one. And only one (and not nightly either)

- Lift hand weights. Muscle burns more fat and burns while you are sitting at your desk or on your couch.

Bottom line. Become the new you that you want to be by making changes to who you are. You will not get anywhere if you expect to change without changing how you eat and work out. You must have both to keep the weight off and be fit. And losing weight is about being fit. Not skinny! Crash diets only get you skinny then you yoyo back to your original weight. Make a commitment to yourself and stick with it. You can become that person you want to be with hard work and discipline.

Good luck and have a very fit day!

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