Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eat Less Crap

I know I know you are probably tired of me cramming down your throat to eat less crap. But you really are what you eat.  Try it for a week.  If you eat healthy one week, you will have tons of energy, if you eat like crap, your energy level will be lower, and you will not feel so hot.  I know when I have eaten too much sugar the day before.  My work outs are HARD, my energy level is not where it should be.  Listen to your body. It tells you a lot. (see a recurring theme here in my posts huh?)

So here is a little image I snagged from my friend that I thought was cute and informative:

Think before you eat.  That is half your battle.   The other half is getting your body moving.  Cleaning, yard work, walking or more intense activities.  Does not matter what, as long as you eat right, and move your body, you are on your way to being a very fit you!

Here is a link to some low impact work outs

Have a very fit day!

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