Friday, July 6, 2012

High Intensity (HIT) Triangle Work Out

High Intensity(HIT) Triangle Work Out

Start with a 10 count and work your way down from there:
DO 10 Pushups, and then do 10 squats
Drop and do 9 pushups then stand and do 9 squats.
Continue this pattern until you reach one of each
At the end of this exercise you will have done 55 each pushups and squats.

Do this workout three times a week at the end of any regular exercises you do.  The next week try to start with higher number of beginning reps-11 or 12-and work down from there.
There are many exercises that work well done as high intensity exercise when paired together and done triangle style.  The main thing to remember is that there should be no rest in between sets.  It is important to keep as good pace and good form through out.

You can also add weights to these exercises, but as they are meant to be done quickly and with minimum fuss, start with no weights and work your way up to them.

Some good HIT pairs to use are

Lunges and squat jumps: do 10 lunges and then 10 squat jumps-continue down to one of each.
Burpees: this one exercise has so many variations it is impossible to list them all, but one of the most common and most effective is a combination of pushup and squats.  Complete as many as possible of this one exercise in 30 seconds, then rest for 60 and do twice more.
Push ups (any variety) and crunches (also any variety)
These high intensity exercises are only limited by your imagination.  Just keep your body moving!

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