Friday, July 13, 2012

Keep a food diary

For those of you who read my blog, you know I preach, "Keep a log/diary of your food and exercise".  It is not hard and becomes a habit.  It is so easy today to do this, with smart phones/internet and all of the fun weight loss apps.  Loseit, Fitnesspal. Nike, etc.  Find one that fits into your life and use it.  I personally use loseit.  I love it, but I know other use other kinds and loves those too.

USA today had a great article about "Women who keep a food journal, don't skip meals and don't eat out lunch at restaurants very often lose more weight than dieters who don't follow these practices, a new study shows."

Hope that articile will help drive my point across that you have to be accountable to you.  ONLY YOU CAN LOSE THE WEIGHT YOU GAINED!  ONLY YOU!  Remember it took more than a few weeks to gain.. it will take more than a few weeks to lose.  Do not give up!  Keep pushing through.  You will get there with dedication and determination and a lot of hard work!

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