Saturday, January 17, 2015

Insanity Max 30: Cardio Challenge Review

Insanity Max 30: Cardio Challenge, workout and fit test all in one. Let me tell you, it is rough, but fun! I maxed out at 11:18 mins, which means, at that point I had to take a break. That is the point of Insanity Max, he tries to get you to MAX OUT, where you feel you have to break or you might die (well maybe not die but you get the picture). By the end of the 60 days, you should be able to get through almost all of it,  if not all before maxing out. 

It is 30 mins of intervals, 3 exercises that you repeat 3 times, then you take a quick water break before moving on to the next round. I think there are 5 rounds.. think.. maybe 6, I lost count, as I was just trying to concentrate on finishing. At 22  minutes I was really ready to quit, I had to really dig in deep to finish it off. I did. I was glad I did. It was a good work out. It hit every muscle group and was tons of cardio. Even Shaun T. maxed out. so you should max out at some point.  You just need to push through and finish the 30 mins, even if you have to stop and catch your breath!

Cardio Challenge brought back some of your favorite Insanity moves, with slight twists. It was fun to see what was coming next. The water break seemed to come just in time. Unlike Insanity's water break where you really wish it had come 2 mins prior. For 30 mins this is a pretty intense work out. I do wish there was more stretching, he does a "active" stretch that you kinda do on your own and what you want to do. Then you have the 2 min cooldown/stretch, which I think needs to be longer. 

This work out is not for beginners, unless you are just glutton for punishment or a former athlete. There is a modifier but she is not on video as much as Tania was in T25, so you really have to look for her. I would say this work out is definitely for advanced level.  It is intense but fun!  I wanted to finish even though I was exhausted. And min 30, came at the exact right moment! ***UPDATE*** Apparently I missed the "modifier track" option. Which I saw doing today's Tabata work out. This option highlights the modifier in her own box to make her easy to follow!  Awesome idea and kudos to the team that thought of it!  So those who are beginning can do this with ease! So I take back my previous comments. Yeah I'm eating crow. It happens!

Here is my view review on youtube: 

Have a very fit day!

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