Thursday, January 22, 2015

Insanity Max 30: Friday Fight Round 1 review

Insanity Max 30: Friday Fight Round 1 review

I was sooo excited about this work out. I thought it was going to be ALL kickboxing type moves. I was wrong. Though, it was  fun, the 30 mins went by quickly. You did each exercise for 45 seconds (i think) then you moved on to another. The first water break isn't until 15 mins, the only other one is at 25 mins. There were some punches and kicking but it was pure cardio, I  made it to 17:20 before maxing out. My best time yet for Insanity Max 30. I was pretty proud of myself, since i had to go through two types of In and out abs and tricep dips with a 24 lbs child sitting on my stomach thinking it was a game. 

This may have been my favorite.. may.. I say that because I like doing the exercise then moving on to another one. I also like going straight through with no breaks (a couple of breaks) it makes me feel like I am running straight for 30 mins.   

There is a modifier track as well. And as usual I think yoiu need to stretch more than what is provided at the end. All in all , it was a really good workout!

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