Friday, June 15, 2012

Do not give up

Today I had my day made by our fed ex guy.  I used to see him on a weekly basis, but now I sit in a corner (no one puts baby in a corner) so he no longer sees me regularly.  So today I open the door and his face lit up and he motions at me pointing his finger from my head to my toes and back.. "Wow Jamie,.. you look AMAZING!!  How much weight have you lost?"  I replied I am down from 175 to 131.  He said "well you  match what has already been in your head and what you knew, you are beautiful and look amazing!"

He made my day.   Now he has seen me over the past 2 years, as my weight slowly has come off, but over the past 6 months or so, the toning I have done has made me look even slimmer.  I look what my weight is now.  I have muscles, but I am slender. My BMI is around 21 and my weight is PERFECT for my body size and height.  I am in a really good place and it feels amazing that others are noticing.

I could have given up several multiple times through out the past 2 years. I kept reminding myself, "The weight did not happen over night, so neither will the loss of it."  I think too many people, forgot that.  They work out for a month and quit because the weight does not magically fall off as quickly as the like, or they gain, because they are gaining muscle.  I went through that too. I gained before I lost.  Is it frustrating?  HELL YES!  But again you did not gain over night.  Losing weight is a delicate balance between working out and food consumption.  It is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix or diet. I never once said I was dieting.  I made a lifestyle change.  I changed the way I looked at food and working out. I stopped looking for easy quick fixes and started working hard for what I wanted.  I succeeded and would love to help you succeed as well.   There were so many days that I wanted to quit.  The work outs were hard, I was sore.  Now if I do not feel a little sore I feel like I am doing something wrong. I love feeling that my muscles are being used. I love how hard they feel and how you can see them without me flexing. I look healthy and in shape.  It is an amazing feeling and I want everyone to feel that way.  I want you to always feel sexy when you put on clothes or get out of them.   If you love yourself all else falls into place no matter your size.   Some people will never be slender, but you can still be sexy and feel healthy.

So remember that your lifestyle change will be difficult; there will be obstacles, there will be days you want to quit, or eat those fries; days you just want to sleep in; days where you are so sore you think you cannot possibly walk; days that your friends will talk you into being bad; and days where you overcome all of that and become the person you always knew you could be.  Nothing worth anything ever comes easy.   So push through those negative thoughts and become that person you can be!  If you need extra motivation, email, call  or text me.  I am happy to help you reach your fitness goals!
A friend sent me this today..enjoy:

No excuses:

Have a very fit day!

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