Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fitness while raining

So if you are anywhere near Florida, you know there is a Tropical Storm that has brought a plethora of rain. It’s raining, non stop. Some areas, are under water so badly you cannot leave the house. Rain can put a damper on your mood and also make you more lethargic and not feeling the whole working out thing. At least that was me this morning, when I dragged myself out of bed, late, but still managed to work out. I would have much rather-ed to stay sleeping. But, in the end, I got my lazy butt up and worked out. I felt so much better and refreshed afterwards, then made it to work on time.

I know for me, running in the rain or even going to the gym might not sound fun at all.

So here are a couple of alternatives to think about:

- On Demand- a lot of cable outlets now have “Fitness TV”. It is usually located under the sports section (Comcast has it under Sports and Fitness. There are TONS of different varieties of workout programs. Plus, you can target just the lower body or core, depending on how you feel. And choose the length of your workout. 10mins - 60 mins. I love the kickboxing. Super fun!
- Pull out the workout equipment that you have been using as a towel/clothes rack. I love my exercise bike. I can watch my favorite show and get a good work out in. if you have a stability ball and weights, those are very useful on rainy days. Put on your favorite show (I try for the 45-60 mins shows) and watch away, the next thing you know your work out is done.
- Stretch... do yoga.. stretching has amazing benefits. The cold can make you stiff. So take some time while watching TV or a movie and stretch those muscles.

  - Rent a workout video (online or from the library) or download one from the internet, Netflix or hulu.
  The above ideas can be used not only on rainy days, but whenever you are short on time or just want to do something quick and not leave the comfort of your house. Most of these ideas are FREE! So stop making excuses and work out already!
Have a very fit day!

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