Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Holiday blues

**** I wrote this 12/30/12 but for some reason it did not post.. so this is old

I did what I vowed not to do. I got off my work out routine. There are many factors for this. All are excuses and some are really good reasons. Some reasons are out of my control. But some are not. I have gotten off my morning work outs. It's easy to do when a warm body is in bed with you or is fighting for bathroom time at the same moment. Plus after insanity i needed a break. I have gained 10ish lbs give or take. I still am healthy and in my perfect weight zone. But I am not happy with it. So I am back on the Working out daily. It is hard to get back into the routine. I keep reminding myself how happy I am when all of the outfits in my head fit and look fabulous. I keep reminding myself I need to fit into clothes I already have. The solution is not to but new clothes but to fit in the ones I have. So it has begun again. I am being good I watching my food intake and am working out minimally 30 mins a day. As daddy said "I'm not buying you a 2nd wedding dress'. And I am 60 days out from the wedding .

So moral of today's post. Even if you have faltered in your workouts. Do not give up. Start again. No matter how slow that start is you will pick up momentum soon and get back into shape and your healthy habits soon!

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