Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT! (well at least 2 things from this list)

Today, you’re going to make the steps to be a better version of you and "just do it"

If you’re anything like me, you’re big on the whole “come up with ideas” part of life and slightly lacking in the “JUST DO IT” part.  You’ve told yourself forover and over again that you are going to get in shape.  Today is that day... enough with the excuses as that is just procrastination.

It’s time for action!

Here are different ways to improve your life right now. I’m a huge fan of momentum, and I’m confident that picking a thing or two off of this list and following through with it could help you turn your procrastination to something awesome.

All of these will help you either feel better, look better, or help make this world a slightly better place.

So what are you waiting for?  Just do it!

Write down everything you eat today. Every bite of food even that nibble of brownies that were in the lunch room, any soda/juice/alcohol (yes those count too).  This means every  calorie.  You will be shocked at how many calories you are in-taking.  I know I was. you can use friend me if you want :D I am happy to help you stay motivated

Write down what you’re going to do in the gym. Don’t walk in there blindly, know exactly which exercises you’ll do and how much you’re going to lift.  And then, write down your results as you do them.

Not a gym person (neither am I)  Do videos (BeachBody has some great ones for every fitness level) or some sort of home exercise, like stationary bike or treadmill.  Write it all down in  So you can keep track of your calories burned and your calories that you intake.

Now that you are counting calories.. eat less burn more calories. If you want to lose weight, you have to burn 500 less calories a day at least. or Fitnesspal will help you determine the calories you need to meet your goal weight.

Stretch after you warm up and after you finish your exercise. Stretching kick-starts the recovery process by stretching out your muscles after working out.

Write down three goals. Write down three things right now that you need to accomplish in order for your day to feel productive.  Do the first thing, and then then second, and then the third.  Simple

Try a new vegetable. They won’t hurt, I promise.  You might be surprised at how yummy some are.   Try substituting spaghetti noddles for spaghetti squash.. yummy nutritious and WAYYY better for you

Stand up straight and stop slouching! Pull your shoulder blades back and pick your chin up.  You’ll look thinner, project more confidence, and your lower back will stop hurting from sitting improperly all day.

Stop drinking soda.(even diet soda is bad for you) Need the carbonation???  Switch to something like La Croix (no sodium, calories, nothing but water and a little carbonation and natural flavoring)

Start lifting weights. Weight training helps you burn more calories as muscles burn calories even when you are sitting still.  So that means even us ladies should be lifting  You will look toned and burn more calories who doesn't want that??

Lift one more pound today in the gym than you did last time.

Start jogging/running and each time you are out there, run one second faster today than you did yesterday. Easy goal and it will help you improve.

Drink more water.  Water is good for you, it flushes out toxins, makes your skin glow, makes you less hungry, makes you pee a lot, which means you are getting exercise by going to the restroom (especially if you work in my office the restroom is like a minute walk).  Get gallon jug and make a motivational water bomb jug that tells you to drink every half hour.

Eat breakfast. Eggs and old fashioned oatmeal (not the instant stuff) are good.  Sugary cereal with a big glass of OJ (pretty much sugar water), are bad. breakfast kicks starts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day.. so DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST!

Learn how to do a proper squat. You should look like you are sitting in a chair. If you can handle it add weights (see how I snuck that in)  Want a challenge?  Take my 30 day squat challenge that I started today!

Don’t eat fast food for lunch.  I know this is hard for some, but there are always healthy, fast, cheap solutions out there for lunch.  Most grocery stores have salads (and fruit salads) pre-made for a quick get away.  Bringing your lunch helps you watch your calories and makes you less tempted to order french fries.. if you HAVE too get fast food, order the grilled chicken/fish without a bun and apples instead of fries and skip the meal deal as you do not need the soda!

Start a weight-loss contest at work – Everybody throws in 20 bucks, whoever loses the highest percentage of body weight in a month gets to keep the cash.  Money is a great  motivator.

Go for a brisk walk on your lunch break or mid afternoon breaks.

Ride your bike or walk  to work if you can (I so wish I could do this).

Make an awesome workout play list or listen to Pandora "Pop and Hip Hop Power Work out" play list.. awesome for motivation!

Stop making excuses – I lost 45 pounds in 6 months because I finally stopped making excuses and started taking action.  You can do this too.

Try interval training. Only have 20 minutes?  Try 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training.  Kick your booty, burn extra calories, and build up your oxygen capacity in a short amount of time.

Sign up for that class you’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t. I signed up for a Spin class after a friend talked me into it.  I was scared when I went in, but LOVED IT!  I became hooked and loved the calories I burned and the sweat that came off me.

Do one thing that scares you. Ask out the cute boy/girl at the coffee shop, speak in public to a room full of people, volunteer for a difficult task at work.  Step out of your comfort zone, and grow some confidence.  This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself today.

Sign up for a race two months from now, and pay in advance. Once you have paid money, it’s going to be tough for you to avoid training and is a great motivator.  Ask a friend to do it with you.

Take 15 minutes to clean off your office desk/bedroom. Clutter can cause all kinds of stress and makes life way more complicated than it needs to be.  Get rid of the crap, unclutter your desk, unclutter your mind.

Sign up for your local library! I’ve rediscovered the library in my town, which has a surprisingly great collection of fitness and diet books.  You can also get e-books downloaded directly to your e-reader without every leaving your house.

Chuck your junk food. I don’t care if you just bought it – get rid of the cookies, crackers, ice cream, soda, Ho-Hos, Twinkies, sugary cereal, whatever.  GET RID OF IT, so you won’t be tempted. (hard when your spouse still brings it home, if that is the case, just tell yourself it is not yours and you cannot have any.. that is what i have to do)

Sign up for a free fitness class. A lot of the CrossFit, Yoga, Time Exercise places will let you try one out for free or a discounted price.  Find a CrossFit gym  or Timed Exercise in your area, and sign up for your free class.  Sure, you might puke and you’ll be sore as hell, but it’s a free booty-kicking…and who knows, you might like it!

Me time is important.. Give yourself 15 minutes of “me time.” Lock yourself in your room, put on your favorite song, turn off your phone, and just do NOTHING.

Run. Stop by the park on the way home, strap on a pair of sneakers, and just start running.  Feeling crazy?  Try it barefoot.

Say thank you or shake the hand of any person you see that is/was in the military.  These brave men and women don’t get enough recognition, and you’ll be surprised how far a “thank you for your service” and a handshake will go towards making their day and making you feel better.  Random? sure.  Good for the world? Yes. Every time I do this I smile, because they smile soooo big!

Do some push ups! Are they hard yes.. but try a few every day until you can do 100 at a time. There is even an app called 100 push ups that can help you .

Smile!  Not a fake one smile either, but a genuine one.  Smiles are contagious.

Stop thinking so much. We tend to over-analyze every situation until it’s far more complicated and stressful than it needs to be.  Sometimes you just need to shut off your brain and go for it.

Call somebody and tell them that you love them. Your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, parents, grandparents, whoever.  You probably don’t say it enough, and you know how great it is to hear it.  Spread the love!

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Have a very fit day!

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