Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TurboFire (intial) review

I started TurboFire yesterday, today was day two.  I am going to give you a summary of my experience with it so far and update this as I continue with this series.

Yesterday was the Fire Starter plus a 10 minute stretch. It is a lot like Les Mills Combat on speed. Lots of kickboxing moves with more aerobic actions and wayyyyyy more energy.  You are explained the moves slowly before doing it quickly which is nice. However, you are doing the moves so quickly that sometimes you get lost and if you are like me, it looks like you are just flailing around. I am sure if someone had recorded me, they would have gotten a very good laugh. It was about a 37ish min work out and I burned a ton of calories and did a lot of punching, kicking as well as ab work (not sit ups but still a lot of core).  The instructor Chalene Johnson, is very energetic and does a good job of multi-tasking, so your ab work out is snuck into the work out.   What I loved, was after your work out, you can leave or do the 10 min stretch video that is on the schedule. AWESOME. It was a perfect end to a very energetic work out. I felt taller and my stress was released, as well as my muscles got a good deep stretch, as if I had done yoga!  loved loved loved this aspect.

Today, the schedule (that came with my package) stated Fire 40, plus stretch, though I could find no Fire 40 and did not have time to research it, so I did the Fire 30 plus the 10 min stretch. I did love that you could choose "first time for class" so that option gave a break down of ALL of the moves before you did them. The moves were similar to the Fire Starter class, with "fire drills" built in, which were HIT moves for a minute, which got my heart rate pretty high.   This class again was a class on speed.  I found myself not being able to move through the moves quick enough to get them done at the same speed as those on the tv, which was frustrating to me. I reminded myself once I did the work outs a few times, my speed would improve. I burned more calories today than yesterday, in about the same amount of time (since instructions were added, the class was longer than 30 mins).  Then the stretch came.. ahhhhh it was like heaven. I really do love stretching!
I did some research and apparently Fire 40 is the same as Fire 45ez (though I do not remember seeing this Fire 45 ez, just Fire 45, someone else reported that they are not making Fire 40 anymore and to do Fire 45 in it's place so that is our answer :D  Though if you look online you can find several different schedules for this. So find one that works for you!

I will keep updating this post as I go through the videos, but this is definitely intense, not for beginners to working out. I would do Les Mills Combat before you do this one, to get the moves down for kickboxing, and use TurboFire for more weight loss and cardio for those who want to push themselves even further. I still think that Insanity makes me sweat more and is more for athletes, so far though the moves are much harder in Insanity, than with TurboFire.  Turbofire work outs seem to go from 10 mins through 60 depending on the day and are for a longer (20 weeks) vs Insanity which is 40ish mins the first month and 60ish mins the 2nd month for 60 days total. Chalene Johnson is very energetic and keeps you wanting to push, as well as the music is really good., but there is also something about Shaun T. that I love even if they music is not all that.  Both Insanity and TurboFire gives you tons of stretching, where Les Mills Combat, is missing the stretching aspect, and I feel stretching, when pushing yourself to the limit is very very important.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer my specifics on these products.  If you are interested in ANY of the Beachbody products you can also go tohttp://beachbodycoach.com/jlgray22  and order them.

They definitely will help you get into shape. If you think any of the ones I have mentioned are too intense for you, please contact me, I will be happy to discuss less intense programs to help you reach your fitness needs.

Have a very fit day!

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