Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to burn off your fave food!

We all love food, well most of us do, I know I do. I work out so I can eat. Now that does not give me free reign to eat every crappy thing there is, but even Shaun T (from Insanity) loves his thin mint cookies. We all have our weaknesses.  So if you become weak and eat your fave fried dish or a box of cookies, make sure you are burning off those calories. Which means, you have to get off the couch and do something, sorry but watching tennis on tv, does not count as exercise.

Here are some fun suggestions:

You down a basket of fried Mozzarella sticks for 800 calories, then play tennis for an hour a half or do an hour of Insanity!

Light Draft beer (12 oz)  is typically 100 calories, go bowling for 30 mins or ten mins on the elliptical

Tuna or chicken salad sub = 585 calories  you can go for a nice hour run or 45 mins of TurboFire!

Typical slice of pizza = 230 calories, go for an hour walk or do an hour and a half of yoga

Cheeseburger or a bagel with cream cheese = 350 calories go swim laps or swim in the ocean (both continuously.. no breaks for you) for 30 mins or do 2 hours of Pilates

A can of soda = 150 calories   go hike for 20 mins or bowl longer :D

A breakfast muffin = 300 calories  do a 30 min kickboxing video

1 chocolate chip cookie = 70 calories  do yoga for an hour or climb stairs for 20 mins

What is your fave exercise to do to burn off calories?

Have a very fit day!

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