Friday, May 31, 2013

Pushing Through on Days the Couch looks REALLY Good!

We all have those days where the couch or sleeping in sounds SOOOOO much better than getting up and working out. Some of us have more of those days than others. Today was my day. This week has been crazy. I have gotten less than stellar sleep this week. My poor husband has had crazy work hours. So when my alarm went off to work out, I just kept hitting snooze. I finally drug myself out of bed, put on my shoes, brushed my teeth and forced myself to do my squats and crunches for the challenge and at that point really debated going back to sleep. I mean really debated. I had already put in my TurboFire dvd, but the thought still crossed my mind. I then forced myself to pick the longer workout, which was a High Intensity Interval Training. I knew I would sweat, I knew it would be hard and I would be out of breath. I still hit play. During the warm up my arms did not want to move like they should, I still pushed on. I finally realized I had no smile on my face, which was not helping things at all. So I forced a smile (are you sensing a theme?). As Chalean is telling me to push harder I want to slap her through the tv, instead I smile even bigger and enjoy the sweat that is dripping off my body and my lungs that are screaming they need air. Today's work out is one of the harder HIIT videos that she has. I subconsciously picked that one though, as the schedule called for the less harder one. Once we finished and as we stretched, my mind was more awake, I was not forcing my smile, it was just there and the sense of accomplishment shined through me. I pushed through on a morning where I did not want to push through. I pushed through, even though I was out of breath, tired, muscles did not want to cooperate, my attitude was less than superb. I pushed through my mind telling me to go back to bed, that all I needed was more sleep. I finished my work out proud of me and more awake and feeling more alive than I ever would have if I had gone back to sleep.

On those mornings where you just are not feeling it. Force yourself to push through. Some ideas to help you on your less than stellar days to not miss a work out are:

1. Have it scheduled on your calender:  I have a pre-planned work out already on my calender for every day of the week.. That way I am accountable for that work out and I have to get it done that day to put a check mark by it.

2.  Select fun work outs: so even on your less than stellar days once you start you will start to smile and have fun.  If you have a treadmill or exercise bike, put on your fave tv show or movie and watch while you work out.

3. Make it a habit:  if you have made working out a habit, it is easier to push through on the days that you do not want to work out.  Like for me, today, i knew I could get it over with this morning or be forced to do it when I got home, it was easier to get it over with. The plus side, my day started off really good :D

4. Choose an easier work out:  On the days you just really are not feeling it but you managed to put on your shoes, choose an easier work out or a shorter one.  Do Yoga or Pilates instead of Kickboxing, Run 3 miles instead of 5, go ride your bike for a few hours and get some fresh air, take the dog for a walk/run.  You get the picture.

5. Think of the benefits: Think of the stress you will be killing by working out and the less likely that you will kill someone after your work out. Think of those good endorphins, and how it feels to stretch with sweat dripping off of you.  Think of how accomplished you will feel.  Remind yourself why you work out int he first place.

6.  Put sticky notes over the house:  Silly? yes, Effective? yes.. Put sticky notes around the house reminding you of why you work out, the benefits, how you feel, your fave work outs, your fave music to play when you work out, anything that will motivate you to want to work out.

7. Put on your fave music:  Play your fave music while you are putting on your shoes and getting ready for a work out, play it during your work out. It will get you in the mood and make you smile.

8. Smile!  Sounds crazy but it works. Try it and see!

What are some of your fave things to do to help you push through and work out?

Have a very fit day!

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