Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morning work outs and getting into a routine

I am a morning work out person. I am not a morning person. Huge difference (more on that later).   Even after my sometimes hour or longer work out, it takes a cup of coffee and has to be at least 9:30ish before I really want to talk to anyone.

I am asked often, "How can you possibly work out in the morning?"

My answer is simple.  "It helps me start the day off on the right foot."  That work out, gets my blood flowing, good endorphins flowing through my body, gives me energy, makes me sweat and is over before my day begins.   Plus that way I know EXACTLY how many calories I can eat a day and well I am a planner and I love to plan what food I will eat. I work out so I can eat and not kill anyone. Win win :D.   I love that I already combat my stress level by workout in the morning. I love that it is over and I love that if I wanted to get in a 2nd work out that day I could and it would be a total bonus!  Which sometimes happen if I end up eating more than I should... again I love food!

So we have established I am not a morning person, (AT ALL). So working out in the morning took me forming a habit.  It definitely took me quite some time to make working out in the morning a habit.  Especially on those cold cold mornings when I want to stay snuggled in bed. Or those mornings after a late night. I still struggle with the late night ones. But for me, I work out at home, which in my opinion makes it much easier for me to complete my work out.  Once I am up I will not stop or go back to bed. I sleep in what I will work out in. Yes sometimes it is a sports bra and panties/boy shorts (laugh it up, it works). Sleeping in my work out clothes works because then all I have to do is put on shoes, brush my teeth and start the work out I have planned. For those of you with kids, it may be the perfect time to do it, and get some 'me' time in before the little ones wake up.

When I first started this routine, years ago.  I started with OnDemand work out videos, Netflix online streaming work out videos (which sadly they discontinued) and Wii Fit/WiiFit plus work outs. They were fun, they challenged me and were perfect for the size I was at the moment in my life.  Once I started to lose the weight I had to up my game.  I had to find more advanced videos which was easy to do with OnDemand. I fell in love with Kickboxing and HIT circuit training, I added weight training which was awesome and gave me more definition. I also would run or do something else in the evenings so even if I missed my morning work out, I at least got in one work out a day. What I found was, I missed a lot more of those evening workouts/runs, than I ever did my morning work outs.  The reason being simply, is that I can control my morning and if I get my lazy butt out of bed or not. I cannot control if I have to work late, I have a meeting, my boss locks herself out of the office and I have to go back and let her in (true story) or talk myself out of it (it happens).   Life gets in the way in the afternoons after work or even on a Saturday and Sunday.  So as soon as I wake up, I work out.  This really annoys my husband on the weekends but it is a habit to me and I know myself, if I say I will do it later, something will come up, I will get lazy or I will totally talk myself out of it.  I am good like that. I am quite persuasive sometimes.

The time came when I had to step it up again.  So I started going to a weekly 90 min spin class with a friend and loved it so much, I started doing spinning at home, which was AWESOME.  Why? Because I could catch up on my fave tv shows while getting an awesome work out.  I then found BeachBody products.  I started with Insanity. I loved and hated it all at once. I was so sore, I could barely move for the first two weeks. I thought I was in such good shape and Insanity told me differently. I loved that I had a set schedule and on my "off" days I did spin. It was PERFECT!  After doing that twice I moved on to more video series like Les Mills Combat and TurboFire. So fun, great work out and a schedule. I like schedules!

My point is, I found things that were fun to me. I do not look at work out as a chore. I look at work out as fun and doing something to make me a better version of me. When I am tired, I know that a workout will give me more energy even if at that moment I do not feel like it will.  It will though. Working out gives you more energy, so even if you are exhausted, push yourself to do something, walk, run, do a 10 min video. Each time you push yourself, you become a better version of you and you start to get more energy. As crazy as that sounds, it is the truth.

So form a healthy habit;  push yourself on your tired days;  find something that is fun for you and in your fitness level;  join a challenge group, as it will motivate you and get you into the habit of workout daily; find a friend who you can work out with or discuss your work outs with, this will keep you accountable; log your work outs and your food; embrace the sweat and enjoy yourself.

Remember the weight did not get on your body over night, it will not come off over night. It took me 15 years to become over weight and took me a year to become fit and healthy again. Once you lose,  it is much easier to maintain!

Find a work out time that works for you and do it daily!  If you need someone to motivate you, please please, please contact me I am happy to be your coach and keep you on track!

Have a very fit day!


  1. I actually am at the point to commit again to a morning workout- I've decided it needs to be a video, and it needs to be 30-45 minutes. It should be a challenge but able to be done at lower or higher intensity as I progress. I'm fat but not that out of shape lol


    1. Tony Horton's 10 min trainer would be perfect for you! Most days are 3 -10 min workouts. That way if you are running late you can still get in 1 - 10 min or 2 - 10 min workouts and if you want to do more you can do more. I have 7 different friends doing this series and they LOVE IT! And they ALL have kids and a busy life.
      Another one I love is Les Mills Combat which is kickboxing and martial arts and 2 days a week weight training. All are High intensity. Though this series ranges from 30- an hour depending on the day.. most of the days are 30-45 mins. So I would probably start with Tony Hortonas 10 min trainer and once you finish that move up to Les Mills Combat or even Turbofire (which is mainly 30-50 mins depending on the day but way more intense than the other two) You can order any of those from:, click on shop then search for the product in the left menu.

      If you have comcast ondemand.. then you can start off with the ondemand fitness classes, which most of 30 mins long. Choose one that you think would be fun. They have everything from weight loss, cardio, kickboxing, dance, etc and you can see how long they are before you even start it. Which is nice. It looks like right now you can even do some of the Tony Horton classes to see if you like him before you buy. I will also send you a before and after pic from my friend who documented her progress with the 10 min trainer :D ps you are not fat!