Friday, September 6, 2013

T25 Beta Phase Upper Focus review

T25 beta upper focus review

Loved this video. The upper focus was well upper focus with weights. Which I love, I love lifting weights. I used 8 lb weights, which definitely gave me muscle fatigue which  is what I always look for. By the end of the work out my arms were noodles. The only con was the up for an exercise, down on the floor, up , down, being 30 weeks pregnant, that was rough. It is not so easy for me to get up and down. For non pregnant people, it should not be a problem.  But I did enjoy this workout, my heart rate stayed in a good place, there was cardio, worked my core and upper body got a great work out, with some legs snuck in and the time flew by!  25 minutes was over before I knew it.

Great work out!

For more info or to purchase the program go to:

Have a very fit day!

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