Wednesday, September 4, 2013

T25 Beta phase Rip't Circuit review

T25 Beta phase Rip't Circuit review 

This one was fun as well, not as fun as Speed 2.0, but I loved the weight element. My arms and back already feel the weights, as I used a higher weight then the girls on the video, as I can lift more and really wanted to get the most out of this work out. There were no burn phases on this one. The only thing I did not like is the up in the air then down on the map for ab work, as I am 7 months preggo and it is hard to get up and down easily. I was able to do all of the standing exercises without modifying and only had to modify a few of the ab exercises for obvious reasons. Definitely was a great work out and am looking forward to doing this one again. This one flew by pretty quickly (not as quick as the Speed 2.0) but definitely was shocked when I looked at the clock and we had 2 minutes to go. 

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