Tuesday, September 3, 2013

T25 Beta phase, Core Cardio and Speed 2.0 reviews

I started the beta phase of T25 on Monday. I will admit I was a little scared after watching the infomercial on T25. The Alpha phase was not easy but it was not hard. I nailed almost every work out, most days, though as my pregnancy got further along, it was definitely more of a challenge. So beginning Beta phase in my 7 month, was a scary thought.

I started Monday off with T25 beta core cardio review  (click on the link to see me all sweaty giving a quick review).  Core Cardio had lots of core work and lots of cardio without tons of floor work. Which made me happy as getting down and up quickly is not happening as easily as it used too. The only floor work, was planks and spider running lunge, so all things I can still do (not as easily but doable) I feel like I nailed this one for the most part. This one follows the same format as the Alpha phase, with burn out rounds. I know next time I can push myself more to get a better work out, then I did this time around. It was a definite good first Beta work out.

Then Tuesday was T25 beta speed 2.0 review  (again click on the link to see me all sweaty giving a review)  This one so far is my fave. which Speed 1.0 was my fave in the Alpha series, though this one is a totally different format then Alpha phase. In Alpha phase, you got lots of stretching, there is no stretching in this one. He goes in "rounds" and "levels"  Almost like his Insanity format.  So you repeat each move in the round, 3 times (3 levels to each round), then you repeat ALL of the moves another 3 times all at once. This video moves so quickly, you do not even realize that 25 mins has passed until you are done. It was fun, kept my attention, kept my heart rate higher then I really needed it to be. In the beginning the moves were harder because I was not warmed up by the end I was doing the moves perfectly and able to not modify at all, which made me happy and feeling less preggo. In the beginning I did have to modify some, for example with the hop hop squats, we had already done so much jumping I just had to do squats, but by the last round where we were doing ALL of the moves I was able to do the non modified version just fine.  I am definitely looking forward to doing this one again!

If you are interested in T25 please visit http://beachbodycoach.com/jlgray22 for more info or to buy the video!

Have a very fit day!

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