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Insanity vs T25

In the past week and today as well,  I have been asked about a comparison with T25 and Insanity, which made me realize I never did one on this blog. I have a comparison on Insanity vs Les Mills Combat, and reviews on T25 but no comparison of T25 and Insanity . So let me do that for you guys, because well you are worth it!

First, I love Shaun T. He motivates me even when I want to scream at the TV (and yes sometimes I do and its not a pretty site at all).  He is fun, upbeat, and pushes you to dig deep and nail it, at the exact moment you want to give up, so you really cannot go wrong with either program. Both will get you results. The approach is just different with each program.   Which you choose,  depends on you.


Insanity  to me, is way more intense than T25. I am drenched after an Insanity work out and most days am not sure I can finish the work out. It is super intense. Insanity is broken up into 2 months with a "recovery week" in between.   It is 6 days a week, one of the days is a high intense yoga/stretch work out.  The videos run from 40 mins to around an hour and 20 depending on the day and month you are in. There is a fitness test every 2 weeks, which you do on top of your work out for the day. It is a great test of where you are fitness wise. I love seeing how much better I do each test.  The first week of Insanity I was super sore, like could barely walk sore, hurt to sit sore, and was just as sore at the beginning of the 2nd month as well. About the time you get used to month 1 and all the push ups, and get a good grove going, you are done!  You move to the recovery week, which is a nice break for your sore muscles, but still gives you a good work out, just a little less intense, except for the killer shoulder exercises at the end.  Then, you move on to what I call "hell day" Month 2 begins and it begins with a BANG!  You do your Fit test, which is a work out in and of itself then you do the first day of Month 2 which is an hour long ! So your first day is an hour and 20 mins. YIKES!   It takes a lot of will power to get through that first day of Month 2, I literally cried the first time I did it. I was sore, out of breath, and I can remember when it was over I could barely move. Now you know that is an amazing work out, but wow, it takes a lot of will power to get through something like that at home.  Plus there is  no modifier, which doesn't mean you cannot modify, you just don't have anyone to follow. If you are a beginner to working out, or working out at that intensity, then it is a little overwhelming.  With  almost all the Insanity work outs, there is a warm up,  then stretch,  then work out, then stretch again in most videos. I love love love the stretching. I think it helps your muscles not be so sore from all the work they do in these videos. And you will work, and come away with an amazing body using no weights. The results you get especially during the 2nd month, makes it all worth it. No pain no gain right?  There are those of us who have done this program multiple times. I usually take a break and do a different program then come back to this one, as there is no way I can sustain doing it over and over without a break. It is, well, INSANE!  But totally worth it for the body you get.

Focus T25

T25 is still intense but less intense  but more focused than Insanity (Insanity = Insane, Focus T25 = Focused). It does not take a lot of will power to get through a work out, as it is just 25 minutes. So about the time you want to give up, it is done! There are 3 phases, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.   Alpha and Beta come together, Gamma is purchased separately. In all videos there is someone doing modifications, so if you are unable to do the jumping, or say push ups, you can see what they do instead. It doesn't matter if you do the modifications, as long as you do not STOP moving. This program is designed for beginner up to advanced. If you cannot do the modified push ups, then do wall pushups. Just keep doing what you can, until you are able to do it all.

The Alpha and Beta phases are 30 minutes Sunday through Thurs. Friday  is 30 min videos (some people do the 2nd video on Saturday if there is a time restraint on Friday since Saturday is your free day).   The videos go right into the work out, there is no warm up and  no first stretch. You gradually warm your body up in the video and about the time you think you can't do anymore it's over,  25 mins time is done. Once the work out is over, you get to  stretch for 3ish minutes. I personally stretch longer, as I don't think the stretch is long enough, especially for beginners. My suggestion is to stretch longer than what Shaun T does so that you are not sore.   Alpha phase gets you ready for the Beta phase while focusing on the lower body and cardio. Beta phase steps it up a notch, but moves on to continuing cardio, while incorporating more core and upper body.  After Beta, comes Gamma, which you have to purchase separately but is TOTALLY worth it. It is my fave phase. Gamma phase is 30 minutes a day,  6 days a week and most days you have weights in your hands (which I LOVE).
Gamma is strength and endurance and definitely steps it up another notch and loses most of the lower body really focusing on cardio and upper body.  I did a review of all the T25 work outs: http://jamielasterfitness.blogspot.com/search?q=t25   and even did video posts on some of these, so you can see me post workout, when I am a sweaty mess, giving you a run down.


Both are excellent programs.  The results come with both are about the same. I think T25 scares people less. More people seem to like and finish T25 vs Insanity. Both are excellent all body work outs. With T25 I like the addition of  weights and the fact it is a really good work out that  is done in 30 minutes.  I personally love Insanity as it is all body weight and cardio that shapes your body,  but find it harder to fit in the work outs with a busy schedule, where I can always get in 30 minutes a day even if it is after the babe has gone to sleep, on my lunch hour or before everyone wakes. I have no excuse not to work out with T25 where Insanity, I may not always be able to do a work out especially in the 2nd month if I have time restraints or wake up late.   Both programs help you drop pounds and shape your body in a few months time.  The one you chose  really comes down to  will power and which fits yours lifestyle better.

Hope this review helps  if not contact me if you have questions:jlaster22@gmail.com / http://beachbodycoach.com/jlgray22 / https://www.facebook.com/fitnesswithjamie
I am happy to answer any questions!

Have a very fit day!

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