Saturday, May 5, 2012

Can't go to the gyrn?

So you can't go to the gym. So what? I do not go to the gym. I understand when you tell me that you just cannot get motivated to work out at home. I say it is hard to go to the gym. Get up work out in your underwear if you want. But you have a plethora of work out options at home. There is no reason ever for you to utter the words ' I cannot work out at home'. You can. You chose not too. Change that statement to 'I can but won't. Take the blame then do something about it

Jump up and do squats and side kicks and forward kicks etc during commercials. Raise that heart rate until your body starts to crave that extra work. Then move on to simple quick work outs Look at my post on 4/24 for a quick work out

You can do videos. Most cable companies have free ones on their on demand features.

Doesn't matter what you do. Just do something, move your body. Feel Alive! You do not need a silly gym.

Heres another one:

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