Wednesday, May 2, 2012


To want to work out, you must find motivation.  Some people have this naturally.  They naturally like the way their body feels during a work out.  They do not mind the shortness of breath, they love the feel of their muscles straining as they push them to their limits.  While others, need some encouragement or a focus goal to get them motivated.  I was one who needed a  focused goal.  I wanted to lose weight before I got married, and even though the marriage did not happen, my motivation did not wane. My focus was to get back to a smaller version of myself.  I did it, but when I reached my goal, I did not stop.  If I stopped I would be right back to where I was.  So my goal changed to one of toning, and just making myself work out at lest 30 mins a day.  I found that I pass that daily.  I typically look forward to my 45-60 min work outs.  I do not know what to do with myself without a work out a day.  It stresses me out to go on vacation and not have a work out plan.  It is a habit, it is a part of my life.  I found my motivation.  I found that I do love the strain of my muscles and shortness of breath, that eventually evens out. I love the way I am just a tiny bit sore after a hard work out. I like the soreness.   I found my motivation.  You must find yours and be willing to be flexible to change it, when the time comes.  No, not every day will be easy, but the days do get easier and the want increases.  Some days I feel addicted  to working out.  There are much worse things to be addicted too.  But like any addiction, I must ensure I do not go over board.  Too much of anything is never a good thing.     So my motivation is to maintain my current figure.

Some sample motivators or ways to stay motivated:

1. Exercise is good for you, it has tons of benefits including happy endorphins :)
2. Exercise with a friend (who is reliable)  this will motivate you both not to give up
3. Find something to train for.
4. Fitting in that fave outfit again.  ( I'm sexy and I know it!)
5. Keep a journal and compete with yourself
6. Getting the work out over with -  Make working out your wake up routine.  It gets your body moving first thing!
7. Make small goals.
8. Rewards - Reward yourself for meeting your goals.
9. A kick ass playlist - Design a workout music playlist to keep you pushing when you get tired or do not want too.
10.  Have fun, remember even dancing the night away is exercise.. so put on dancing shoes and dance your way skinny!

Does not matter what it is.. just find something!

Think  about what motivates you, write it down where you can see it and never forget!

You can reach your goals, as long as you do not give up!  Find your motivation today!

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