Friday, October 25, 2013

Present ideas for your Fitness Friends

The holidays are coming up, which means we are in prime gift giving season. Whether it is for the holidays, a birthday or just because, below are some presents your friends who are into fitness might just love.  There is something for about every fit person in this list.  Maybe something will make a light bulb for that special someone, go off when you read it.

Yoga mat -  It doesn't matter whether they love yoga or not, these mats are PERFECT for stretching. I prefer a thicker, non slide on, as I do my stretching, yoga and pilates on the carpet. Synergy makes a nice thin, non slip one, it combines the yoga mat and a towel, which is great when sweating!  If they go to a gym or participate in group yoga/activities a carry handle with it is a nice addition.  $10-60

Gym Membership - No do not run out and get them one (unless they ask for it) but go to the gym and ask if you can pay your friends next month or twos payments. You can also buy them a few  or more classes at a place like Pure Barre, Zumba, Dance Trance, Hot Yoga, Cross Fit, or Timed Exercise, if you know they love those things. $10-$100

Heart Rate or Fit Monitor - I use a cheap heart rate monitor for my work outs. Mine has a calorie counter, heart rate monitor, stop watch and time. You can get them for around $30 up to the 100's depending on what your budget and their needs are. Polar seems to be popular among runners. Fit monitors like Fitbit, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone, Nike, all track your activity levels, some track food input (you have to input it) and even sleep. Fitbit Flex seems to be the best on the market all of these are around $100

Fitdeck - Help make exercise fun with the FitDeck. Cards reveal illustrations and instructions for  exercises. You can buy different kinds, body weight, core, kettlebell and more.  It’s a great gift for everyday use or to supplement an exercise program.  $10-$14

Bobble Water Bottle - This a reusable and recyclable bottle that filters water as you drink. One filter equals roughly 300 wasteful plastic water bottles, making it a convenient gift that’s also great for the environment.  $8-$12

Perfect Portions Digital Scale - The Perfect Portions digital scale is the ultimate kitchen tool for a healthy lifestyle. It’s a food scale and a nutritional calculator all in one, allowing users to see just how many calories they’re getting set to eat or drink. Users get help controlling portions and making healthier choices with every bite. $40ish

Juicer - A juicer makes it easy to meet your veggie/fruit quota of the day, especially for those who do not like to eat veggies. $100 plus

Foam Rollers - A foam roller is a versatile fitness tool, so only go with the best! A quality and high-density foam roller is great for stretching, yoga, and Pilates, and it also helps to alleviate back and neck pains. $10ish

Spinner Gyroscope Forearm Exerciser - It may be small, but this exercise mini-machine yields big results. A few minutes a day helps improve flexibility, develop muscle control, and strengthen hands and forearms. It’s also great for-staving off sports injuries and fine-tuning the delicate muscles in hands and fingers. $17ish

Exercise Videos - For the at home workout person. From videos like Insanity and P90x for the very fit, to T25 for those who have less than 30 mins a day to work out, to Hip Hip Abs a fun dance work out, there is a video for everyone, even those who are pregnant (Yoga Booty Ballet for Pregnancy).  There is something for everyone and every fitness level. $20 and up

Magic Bullet - these are great for mixing up protein shakes in the perfect one serving and they have to go cups too.  Plus most systems come with great healthy recipes like black bean dip, hummus and more. $50ish.

Shakeology - This is probably one of the best products on the market. It not only can be used to as a snack, or afterwork out drink, but it can be used as a meal replacement. With more than 70 super-nutritious ingredients. Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals – to help reduce hunger and food cravings. Antioxidants and Phytonutrients – to help detoxify and protect the body against free radical damage. Adaptogen Herbs – to help increase energy and combat stress. Prebiotics, Probiotics, Fiber, and Digestive Enzymes – to aid digestion and promote regularity.  Plus it is delicious. It even comes in taste sampler packages now. My faves are Vanilla and Chocolate.  Sampler $20

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells - Adjustable dumbbells are like having an entire home gym at your disposal. Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to over 50 pounds, combining 15 sets of weights into one. It’s a great way to fit an entire weight training system into a small space.
$299 (though Target has a cheaper version for way $69 each) - pssst I want these :D

Happylight Sunshine Supplement Light  - Combat the winter blues with a sunshine supplement light. This compact energy lamp simulates natural daylight, essentially triggering the body’s natural responses and helping improve energy, concentration, and mood. $35 and up

Hydro Flask - Whereas lesser bottles tend to “sweat” and leak, the Hydro Flasks’s durable insulation and stainless steel design keeps drinks cold for more than 24 hours without sweating. It’s a perfect fit for gym bags and bike bottle holders. It also keeps hot drinks hot, and will fit in most car cup holders. $18 and up

Nayoya Acupressure Mat - The #1 rated acupressure mat stimulates the body’s production of endorphins, which bring on a calming, soothing allover effect. The Nayoyamat can be used to treat stress, fatigue, soreness, and pain in the joints, muscles, feet, neck, and back. It’s an essential tool for overall health and wellness. $29 and up.

Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Walkers - Fitness buffs sometimes neglect to add foot fitness to their daily routines. Foot Walkers are plastic half-spheres with knobbles that help stimulate the bottom of the feet. Use them to help increase circulation, strengthen muscles and tendons, increase flexibility, and reduce foot pain. $60ish

Gift Certificate for a Running Shoe or Sports store -  Every athlete needs new shoes on a regular basis and they are not cheap. This is definitely an appreciated gift! $100.

Subscription to Fitness Magazines - There are tons of good ones out there, Self, Men's Fitness, Prevention. You can even find deals for a cheap 12 month subscription, some even come with digital version as an added bonus! $0-20

Fitness Books - I highly recommend ones that focus on exercise and healthy lifestyles, not quick weight loss ones. Being healthy is a life style change not a diet!

Body Back Buddy - This isn’t your typical back scratcher for itches! The Body Back Buddy’s innovative design helps provide targeted relief over the entire body. The user has total control, making it easy to target pressure points and alleviate pain and soreness. It’s a wonderful gift for people suffering from fibromyalgia and other muscle conditions. $34ish

Indo Balance Board - For your fave surfer or skaterboard, but really veryone can benefit from better balance and posture. The Indo Board is great for physical training and physical therapy, as well as anyone who’s looking for a way to finally make balance training fun and challenging. Start around $140 and up.

Toesox - Anyone who does yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and other barefoot fitness activities, with these do not have to worry about painful and dangerous slipping and sliding anymore. ToeSox offer non-slip protection while promoting toe strength and flexibility for barefoot sports and activities. around $14

Ipod/MP3 player - You can get small ones that hold enough songs for a good work out.  Starting at $49

Here is a link to more ideas.

Have a very fit day!

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