Monday, October 7, 2013

T25 Gamma Phase Speed 3.0 Review

T25 Gamma Phase Speed 3.0 Video Review

See the above video (click on the link) if you want to see me completely worn out,  sweating a lot and giving my review immediately after the work out!  All I can say is YOWZERS! This Speed video was out of control and if you have read my reviews you know I LOVE the Speed videos. I still loved this one, just wish I was not 35 weeks pregnant. There were some sort of Burpees every other move it seemed, Burpee push up,  in and outs, Burpee push up jacks, Burpee plank walks, Burpee Spider Lunges, Burpee Front Kicks, Burpee Ski abs, you get my point. This one also had tons of squats, punches and some lunges. It was fast.. it was intense it was over about the time I did not think I could push anymore. Rounds 1 and 2 were way longer than any of the other  Speed videos, so long that when you are in round 3, you only get through the moves twice (so two levels) because the rounds were so long. My heart rate stayed about 160 (which isn't the best for me at the moment) but didnt go much higher than that, as I kept track of it. Had I pushed myself harder I could have easily gotten it over 170 the entire work out, but since I am carrying little boy I tried to take it easy for him and took a cold shower immediately after the work out.

This one had no modifier, which was a little shock to me. Tania did all the same moves. Honestly not really sure how you could have modified some of these, so if you are doing modifications in Beta, then I would go back and do Alpha and Beta again, (and again) until you are doing the moves and not modifying, as my guess is this is going to be a very very intense 4 weeks. I am hoping this leaves me in a good spot so when I do not work out for 6 weeks post-partum I am able to jump right back into Alpha with no problem.

Gamma Phase is definitely taking things up a notch and my guess is I will see changes even being pregnant. I was told yesterday I was tiny, which made me happy. It means even though I am pregnant, T25 has worked its magic and kept the weight off me, as I definitely love my ice cream and carbs these days!

All in all this was a great work out! Intense, sweat producing, fun (not as fun as the others, but still fun) and over with in 25 mins.  If you have nailed Alpha and Beta, this will be a little challenge but nothing you are not prepared for!

So what are you waiting for?  Try it today!

Have a very fit day!

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