Thursday, October 10, 2013

T25 Alpha, Beta, Gamma Total review

I have been doing T25 for the past 11 weeks. When I started this I was 6 months pregnant. Which worked out well, because I began with Alpha phase (as expected). I am finishing my 1st week of Gamma and am now 8 months pregnant and will be 9 months by the time I finish the entire program.  This has been an awesome program I love how Shaun T set this up. He seems to have gone from a lower body cardio focus, to slowly work up to all upper body with a little cardio, which is awesome. He even provides you a hybrid of all three once you are done which I am super excited to do after this baby gets here.  The great thing about these work outs are they are 25 mins a day (except Fridays, which are two 25 min work outs, but you can always move one to your free Saturday).  So really you have no excuse not to work out, as you can always find 25 mins.  Here are my reviews of the three phases

Alpha round starts off slow, and really to me focuses on your lower body and cardio. There is Tania doing modifications, which is great for those not in shape or who haven't worked out in awhile. I have been starting off any of my customers on Alpha, telling them to do the modifications when needed. I feel like it really got me ready for Beta phase. I did find Alpha a little boring compared to the other phases, but I think it is just the nature as it really is getting you ready for the next level. You learn the moves, you build up to them and you really work your lower body, with all the lunges and squats and well core work.  The Speed video is my fave in this series! This schedule is a Sunday - Thurs 25 min work out, Fridays 2- 25 min work outs, Saturday, free day, measure yourself.

Beta steps things up a notch. I feel this one, kept lower body and cardio but increased core and added upper body, including weights! LOVED this phase! It was fast, I rarely watched the clock, I gained muscle, felt strong, and even with my ever expanding belly was able to do most of the videos without modification. I did switch out dynamic core for core speed, since I had to modify more of Dynamic core and felt like I was not getting the work out I needed, but being 7/8 months pregnant, it had to be done! Speed 2.0 and Core Speed are my two faves in this phase. This schedule is a Sunday - Thurs 25 min work out, Fridays 2- 25 min work outs, Saturday, free day, measure yourself.

Gamma YOWZERS! This notch was stepped up a few. Speed 3.0 is no joke and probably the toughest of the work outs even though all the rest are weights. Maybe if i was not almost 9 months pregnant I would think differently but well this is where I am so this is my experience. I love that this is upper body focused. All but one video has weights, which are used pretty much the entire work outs. My arms are a little sore after this first week, but not so bad as they were when I did Insanity the first time. I definitely have noticed definition coming back in my arms, which I lost while doing TurboFire (which I love for cardio but there is no weights/body weight element, so I lost muscle). {more on this below}   Extreme Circuit is my fave in this phase. Definitely check out my review on this one. I think this will be the perfect end to my T25 journey until this baby comes. I may even extend the 4 weeks to 6 (or whenever he comes) and add in some Les Mills Combat as well.  I am definitely loving the Gamma Phase even if it has been turned up a notch!   This schedule  is Sunday - Friday 25 mins, Saturday is your free day, measure yourself.

Over all review on T25 is this program is awesome. It not only fits in a busy persons schedule, allows them to get a great FULL body work out, with cardio, weights etc in under 30 mins, it is fun. I think any exercise level could do this, as you can always follow modifications or modify even more if you needed too. I am very happy to have weights added back in to a program, because one of the things I loved about Insanity was that I used my own body weight to create muscle, the videos were just super long at the end and really the end is where you see the most results in any of these videos.  I loved that Les Mills Combat had hand weights in the program but felt I needed more cardio and some of the videos were long and I could not always fit them in. Especially since the one I loved was 60 min warrior combat video, though I do use a 3lb weighted gloves with these videos on the cardio days, and then drop them during the hand weight days. LMC is really one of my fave videos (really Insanity, LMC and T25 are my top 3)  T25 does a good job of incorporating it all. Body weight, cardio and hand weights. If you do a T25 Search on my blog, you will see each video reviewed and there are links to my YouTube reviews as well.  If you are looking for a program under 30 mins (most days) that works everything including your cardiovascular system, this is the one for you!  If you have questions, just ask me I am happy to help!

Have a very fit day!

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