Monday, October 28, 2013

Weight loss after pregnancy

Since I will be needing this soon, I decided today's post would be about weight loss after birth.

If you are looking for instant solutions for a rapid weight loss after pregnancy, well I cannot help you.  The important thing to remember is that there are no quick fixes to any weight loss. The weight didn't come on over night and it will not come off over night. Luckily you will lose some a little more quickly (aka the baby and fluid, placenta etc)  But the extra weight (if you are like me) will come off more slowly.   No fad diets will work and you need nutrients to make sure you are at your best for yourself and your baby.

Good news is if you breastfeed your baby, you will burn around 500 calories a day just for that, but remember your body needs good amounts of nutrients to produce milk. So do not cut your calories just yet. Just pick out good foods to eat, lots of veggies and fruits.

Weight gain during pregnancy is about 30-35 pounds (more if you are me). You will lose some of that weight at birth (like I stated above). Still, a woman needs about 3 months to recover from pregnancy and childbirth before you get hard core back into your hard core routine (especially if you have done NOTHING your entire pregnancy)  If you continued to work out, then you can start doing things much sooner. Now I will not know exactly how much I have to lose until after this boy makes his arrival but I am preparing regardless. One good thing for me is I  have not stopped working out, so even at 37 going on 38 weeks, I am still doing cardio and weight lifting.  My doctor has stated it is okay for me to do light things up to the 6 week mark like walking and light arm weights (if i am sitted) after the 6 week mark I can go back to my normal routine YAY!

In the meantime before you get cleared, make sure you eat nutritious foods during the first three months without thinking too much about losing weight . In the normal course of life, most women  need six to eight months to return to their pre pregancy weight. Of course, it all depends on how much weight you gained during your pregnancy.

Trying to achieve rapid weight loss after pregnancy too soon could lead to serious problems, including lack of breast milk production or change in breast milk taste which causes your little one to not want to breast feed.

If for some reason it is important that you lose weight fast, consult your doctor to develop a safe diet and exercise regimen to lose weight fast.

Exercises to Lose Weight

IMPORTANT:  Before beginning any exercise regimen to lose weight after pregnancy , consult your doctor or gynecologist.

Working out at home with some light exercise during the day is an effective way to burn more calories.  Walk, exercise bike, clean, light hand weights.  Do not sit idle for a long time. Rest only when your body demands rest.

Taking long walks with your baby. The act of carrying the baby in close connection help and effort of carrying the baby for long distances will help you burn calories.

Diets are not advised.  Do not just start limiting diets specific food groups or objects. Your body needs nutrition to recover from childbirth. If you breastfeed, protein, vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to produce milk.  Milk is vital for the growth and development of your baby. Contains antibodies and anti-infective agents to strengthen your baby's immune system. Select nutritious food with low saturated fat.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables during mealtimes.

- Have your meals at regular intervals.

- Have healthy snacks when hungry

- Restrict the intake of processed and ready to eat foods such as canned fish or meat.

- Try to stay away from energy dense drinks and fried foods or foods like ground nuts or chips.

- Drink lots of water

Enjoy this time with your baby and know that when you are ready you can get back to your normal routine.

Have a very fit day!

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