Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Losing weight and hoarding have similar traits

Someone mentioned to me that, they felt so overwhelmed with how to even begin to lose weight. Which made me think to all of those "Hoarders" shows that I have watched (don't judge) and how they feel overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. Hoarders do have a lot of similarities to those who want to lose weight

Some ways hoarders are like those who need to lose weight:

1. They both do not know where to begin. With hoarders, its all too overwhelming, where do they begin, which room and will it even matter?  Same with weight loss,  I remember when I was at my largest, I knew I needed to lose weight. I knew that it took me moving my body and watching what I ate, but I just could not figure out how to begin and keep it up.

2. Results do not happen over night.  Just because you start cleaning doesn't mean every thing will be spotless over night. It is a progression.  Most people when they begin a work out regimen, they want to see results NOW. They forget, that the weight did not appear over night, it isn't going away over night (same with the clutter and trash). I used to be the same way. Then I took one day at a time, the weight started to fall off, I did a little more. The more turned into more weight loss until I hit my goal! 

3. Begin and start small.  You have got to start somewhere, first step is beginning, the second is  to  start small and work your way up to more. When I started, I added in work outs first, once I started seeing weight loss, I changed my diet, once that stagnated, I changed my work outs to have more intensity. But I started SMALL. I started with back to basics. Start with what YOU can handle. What YOU will stick with. Does not matter how small, just matters that you BEGIN!

4. Food and stuff are comforting.  People do not want to have a messy house or to be over weight. Both things happen gradually, some people it happens because they find comfort in food and/or stuff. It is fun to go out to dinner with friends and it is hard to not eat. You had a bad day, or you broke up with someone, so you eat a pint of ice cream or a package of cookies, or go shopping for more clothes you do not need. You see where I am going with this. Everyone has their way of comforting with things. Me, mine used to be shopping, I finally stopped going to the mall without a list of that I needed. I still do not like to go shopping because I am so afraid I will need 5 closets again (okay not that many but I did have A LOT of clothes)

5. They quit trying. You cannot quit.  Just because you make some progress and you are almost where you want to be or where you want to be with both a clean house and weight loss goals, doesn't mean you can quit. It is a new path (both things), not a race. There is not an end to either lifestyle changes. If you do not continue to clean, work out, watch what you eat, then you end up right where you began and probably in a worse spot. DO NOT QUIT!

Do any of these ring true for you?  If yes, know you can overcome them!  Yes you can!  It takes some practice and determination, but only YOU can make the changes by doing the work. Neither clutter nor weight happens over night. Work slowly and steadily to get to your goals, then continue with new goals to maintain. Know that it is okay if you fail, you can always start back. It is truly up to you to make the changes you need to be a better version of you. I know  you can do this!

What are some ways that you made or kept  your lifestyle change?

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