Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Piyo Sculpt Review

This work out was all about making your muscles BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.  About the time you think you cannot do anymore, she finally moves on to a different body part or side. I could not feel my legs at one point. At another point I thought my arms were just going to give up on me. It was crazy intense and a few hours later I can still feel the soreness in my arms. (**note: next day, arms are sore, legs are sore, not to the point that I cannot move, but I can feel the work that was done)

Great work out using your body and a chair (if needed), all in 30 minutes. Who doesn't want that in this busy world of ours!

Here is the :
Piyo Sculpt Video Review

Have you tried Piyo yet??

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